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I was made aware of this atrocity by my friend, Erin. It is an example of how some people don’t know, others think they know, yet others don’t know they don’t know, and still others know they don’t know but don’t WANT to know!

And what you wind up with is — to appropriately mix metaphors — a bowl of alphabet soup with nothing but Q’s, X’s, and F’s… a cacophony of indistinguishable noises like a radio station out of range… crowd noise at an arena full of drunken revelers.

From the beginning, Joel Osteen — a nice guy, to be sure — comes out to raucous applause with his trademark pasted-on smile and answers the standard pat question  (“What would you, a messenger from God, have us to do in these turbulent times…?”) with an even more watered down version of his inconsistent Word of Faith message… “Think good thoughts and good things will come to you.”

Joy Behar — with whom I RARELY agree — rightly calls his message “materialism,” saying that Jesus preached against that and ‘Christian’ Sherri Shepard jumps right in to contradict Behar! Now, she may well BE a believer, but we learn that love of material things is a no-no in the first week of Disciple School.

Granted, Behar’s challenge of Osteen was ostensibly a challenge to ALL of what she believes is Christianity and organized religion, but I would expect Shepard and Hasselbeck to be able to navigate the kiddie pool of Theology. I guess this may sound harsh. I don’t mean it to be.

At a certain point, folk who claim Christ ought to be distinguishable from those who want nothing to do with Him.

Whoopi Goldberg asked THE LOADED QUESTION: What about gay people?

That is a touchy issue, since people of a certain leaning would like to believe that their bent is proper. But what the organized lobby does — with the help of people who think they are fighting a good fight — is force you to either Advocate for their position or SHUT UP AND ACT LIKE THEY LIKE IT!

There was NO way Osteen could have gone through to the other side of  that issue unscathed. But when faced with a dilemma, it is best not to sell God out with a touchy-feely, nebulous answer! We must be sensitive to all, but that does not necessitate that we shade the hardness of Biblical truth.

They all knew that Osteen’s answer would not be that is in God’s perfect will to live out a homosexual lifestyle. He knew it was a trap. ALL Christians get that stuff. Jesus had traps set for Him by Pharisees, and He told the truth in ingenious ways.

When Goldberg asked, “does God HAVE a ‘best’?” I was done! (The first video I posted here had his answer to that question, but it was removed…) What does that even mean?!? Of COURSE He does! Even though that was a milquetoast answer, the question was more appalling, and let it be known that the panel, for the most part, didn’t want to really hear Truth!

It is Osteen’s responsibility (as it is ALL Christians) to be able to answer these queries with soundness and aplomb. He didn’t.

His “message” is no more a Christian one than is an Oscar acceptance speech. And just as we don’t look to “The View” for our doctrine, we should not look to the Osteens, Dollars, Hinns, and Copelands (and Bishop Don Magic Juans) of the world, either!


November 13, 2009 - Posted by | Charlatans, Christ, Christianity, Joel Osteen, Televangelists, The View, Whoopi Goldberg, Word of Faith


  1. I just KNEW that question was coming (the one that Whoopi asked)! And I KNEW Osteen was going to sugarcoat his answer, too. I rolled my eyes when Sherri said that Jesus didn’t preach about materialism. Like you said, she may be a believer, but if she is one, then she is poorly biblically schooled, cuz the scriptures are CLEAR about what Christ says about materialism.

    Sometimes, I feel bad for Osteen, but then I think about how massively he has decieved people with his smooth talk and flattery.

    Comment by edotrich | November 13, 2009 | Reply

    • In the sense that he has thousands –if not MILLIONS — of followers, I don’t feel for him except that he’d better not not fall into the hands of an angry God!

      You cannot be a preacher of the Word and claim ignorance on the major tenets! NONE of us can do that, though we often do…

      Comment by maxdaddy | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. He smiles so much…LOL.

    Comment by edotrich | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. Sherri is…interesting. She’s in that “all black folks love Jesus” crew, but doesn’t seem to know/understand the teachings of the Jesus she loves.

    You know, it’s like the, “…just like the bible says…” folks, who don’t know the bible doesn’t say it.

    It’s tricky.

    Comment by NEA | November 15, 2009 | Reply

    • Yeah, it is not fair to expect a person young in Christ to know the “meat” issues, but Jesus being against the love of material things is Whole Milk!

      Comment by maxdaddy | November 16, 2009 | Reply

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