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What Groom Would want His Bride Insecure?

I’ve been having a discussion with a friend who was wondering about how we can know God will not spurn us. Or HAS not.

It is a feeling I have struggled with before myself, and as I was praying, the thought came to me: What kind of God would establish marriage as an unbreakable covenant and yet be so quick — according to many Pentecostals and so many others — to throw us (His BRIDE) over if we transgress against Him?

Throughout my time as a Christian, I have heard and read that the Body is the Bride of Christ. The analogy is clear and unmistakable. And while there are so many legalistic (possibly well-meaning) Christians who claim to believe that divorce is a sin that God hates, they would characterize Him as being so capricious as to divorce Himself from those he has grafted into a marriage of sorts.

This is really irritating to me! I have heard it so often said by these people that if you commit (not exhibit a lifestyle of) a certain BIG sin, “you GOTS to go to Hell!!!”

I mean, God is the author of LOGIC, and that is what I am applying here, according to the things He has shown in His Word.

He even made a prophet go out and marry, and not divorce, a harlot — a whore — a FREAK, to use the current vernacular, to mirror His relationship with Abraham’s seed. Basically us. What He was saying was, in essence, “You will repeatedly cheat on me (sin), but I will not leave you because I will not have it said that I break promises!”

 And Salvation is a PROMISE that is effective at that MOMENT, not once you die! 

Now, a Christian will not live a life that is characterized by sin, simply because a real Christian is a fruit-bearing entity. But the fruit will, from time to time, be infested with worms. Real Christians are being tended — watered — by God, and will therefore grow.

And just as I will not leave my wife, God will not leave those He has saved.

I used to wonder if she really loved me. I wondered about the possibility of her birthing children with me and then eventually taking them. The thought made me shudder. I don’t anymore. But just because I have her trust and assurance doesn’t mean that I treat her shabbily, or cheat on her, or neglect to esteem and value her! No license to sin!

And God, so much more perfect at relationships than we, would not have His bride walking around the house scared and trembling at the possibility that He might come home one day and say, for WHATEVER reason, “It’s over.”

This I say with confidence.

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  1. As always, Derrick, this is brilliant.

    I haven’t read Hosea in a long time, but thanks for the reminder. I think it’s time to spend some time perusing that one again …

    Thanks, Wickle!

    Comment by wickle | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yeah…Hosea! A good novel is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. AWESOME book! She really put the whole book of Hosea into perspective for me. It also put God’s view of divorce in a new light…Even though it is permissible for some to divorce (biblical grounds secured), I can’t help but to wonder what kind of impact can be made by staying and fighting…

    Thanks Derrick!

    Yeah, Hosea is a sobering book! I remember thinking (before I understood the symbolism) how tough a spot God put him in!

    Comment by Heather L. Trotter | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. you got some Calvinist tendencies, huh? No, nevermind, let’s not go there. 🙂

    You know I love Hosea.

    Hey, Sara!!! How ARE you? I guess I agree with parts of it, and disagree with others. Or at least the way it is described by so many.

    Comment by sara | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  4. A couple years ago, my pastor preached a sermon out of Hosea and had all of us read the book the week ahead. (This was the last time I read Hosea, I’m afraid.) A friend of mine and I were talking about it on that Thursday and he remarked, “It’s hard to fit this into my God-box.”

    Not an easy book for those of us who want God to condemn our enemies irrevocably for us. (Sort of like the second half of Jonah. We all get the part about being eaten and puked up … but we rarely hear the second part of the story.)

    Comment by wickle | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  5. This is a really great post, Derrick! 😉

    Now I shall read the book of Hosea!

    Comment by Erin | July 8, 2009 | Reply

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