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Contra Diction

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who, almost arrogantly,  pronounces each and every letter of every syllable of every word she speaks, grates on my nerves sometimes.

We know you’re smart. We know you’re Ivy League educated. But do you have to go out of your way to elocute even the soft sounds at the ends of words? “…spiked(a) the punnncchh att my best(a) friend(a)s graduation(a) parttee.”  She sounds as if she is spitting out fish bones when she says words like, “terrorrisstss.” Gotta get that darn, tricky “ess”  in at the end! Wouldn’t want to appear ordinary.

If she just spoke like the rest of moderately educated humanity, she could save about fifteen seconds of dialogue per every minute of talking. She could winnow her show down to a half hour!

She sounds like a COGIC preacher.

It’s like listening to Niles Crane recite Shakespeare while gargling marbles. I feel like the next thing she is going to say to me is, “turn(a) lefffft in two pointt threee my-uls.”

Maybe it’s just me… I’ve been ill-tempered lately.

January 8, 2009 - Posted by | Culture, Current Events, Entertainment, Humor, Language, MSNBC, Pet Peeves, Political Humor, Politics, Rachel Maddow, Rant, Television, TV, Words


  1. “If she just spoke like the rest of moderately educated humanity, she could save about fifteen seconds of dialogue per every minute of talking.”

    Weird how your “ill-temper” produces such comedy.

    Yeah, that happens with me. I was thinking the same thing. The KWEST thing is getting crazy, and when I was talking to some of the guys in the group, they were falling on the floor laughing. And I was pretty mad!

    Comment by ricktrotter | January 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Honestly…I love you, cuz you KEEP IT REAL! You don’t try to be all “perfect and pious”. I LOVE it! I needed to laugh today — it’s -26 degrees (with the windchill) today. I’m “warm” now!

    That was AMAZING!!!! Uh oh…I just messed up, didn’t I?

    Thanks, Tracey! Glad to see you back. Yeah, my “irritatedness” usually breeds some humor, and I used to be reluctant to voice it, but I’m not flawless, so I figured I’d just do on the internet what I do in real life.
    I don’t think it’s ungodly… we all need to laugh, and tough times bring just that.

    Comment by anappygirl | January 16, 2009 | Reply

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