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The Devil You Know

Last week, while Christians were lamenting the loss of the Lord’s party and portending the end of the world because a pagan black Muslim OBVIOUSLY managed to circumvent the will God by being elected president, a far greater slaughter was being perpetrated on those who sought to find salvation.

Ravenous wolves were feasting on the poor of pocket and of knowledge via satellite in front of the ENTIRE world! And Christians did nothing. They sent up no hue and cry. They shed no tear. They kicked no dog. They tossed no popcorn. They cried no foul. They mourned no loss.

Rather than trust in the sovereignty of God and even for a moment consider the source of the joy, they cried, “God must be dead!” Rather than speak for those unable, they turned the channel on the carnage and let it go on unseen.

TBN was broadcasting their periodic “Praise-a-Thon.” (I call it the “Preys-a-Thon”) I am often asked why I watch this trash. I do it because it is like having the devil’s walkie-talkie. I do it for the same reason the feds bug mafia phones.

The most valuable thing we own is not our 401k, our homes, our economic stability, or our very lives! The most precious thing we own is our soul. And with souls dangling over the abyss, Christians cry and launch invidious invectives while these heartless hyenas prey on the desperation of those who have been taught to do church the wrong way for years.

They wrench passages out of context and hit the undiscerning over the head with the wrench.

Evangelicals claim to love God and thereby, His people. Especially the unborn. How noble. The unborn have one advantage over those who in ceaseless waves place their own butts into the gaping mouths of roaring lions: The unborn are not in danger of the flame.

While Godly people were crying in their chai tea about an OBAMA(!) having the gall to get elected, these “mend” and “womend” of God were sinking their fangs deeper into the souls of the seeking. Preying on greed and ignorance. And no one raised a finger to stop it.

You know why they are pimps? Benny Hinn, Paula White, T D Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Steve Munsey, Rod Parsley, Eddie Long, the Crouch’s, and the rest? Let me tell you who may not know one of the things a pimp does; A pimp pushes the envelope. He will say to himself, “I’m gonna see just how far I can go with this female… I’m gonna tell her to do the craziest, nastiest thing I can think of (hear me, R. Kelly?), and if she does it, I GOT HER MIND! And once I get that mind, thass IT! I can get anything I want! I can get her to do whatever to get money and give it to me. I’m the baddest pimp out there, an’ I’m gonna prove it by buildin’ up the biggest stable out there!”  I know guys who have done this! (I’ve been to college. YOU know it’s true!) I have seen and heard withering things.

A pimp has an ego that is never filled.

I have seen it. I have heard preachers brag to each other about how they “preached ’em under the pews!” They brag about who has the biggest congregation, the most cars, and yes, the most women.

Listen to this;

And this;

This stuff is the equivalent of a guy telling a girl, “Let me (perform all manner of perversion on your body — I cleaned it up).”

I guarantee you these guys were backstage afterward comparing (biceps). They were bragging,“Man did you see how those phones lit up when I quoted Matthew to ’em? They eat that stuff up! I’m telling you, the more predictions you make, the more they love it! At the end if I told ’em that at the ascension, Jesus turned into a crow and flew to the moon to build timeshares, they would have knocked each other down to sign up! They want MONEY, baby, money!! And it takes “money” to get money! My congregation gave me a Rolls Royce Phantom when I told ’em the Trinity was nine people and Adam could fly!”

Pimps! Pimpin’ h&es an’ slammin’ Catlack doe’s*

And rather than fight THAT fight and save SOULS, evangelicals were crying and expressing fear (and bigotry) because their candidate lost. God  lost. Do you know how many evil kings ruled over Israel? My goodness! Sunday, five days after the election, my pastor in an effort to quell growing despair and disrespect, quoted 1 Peter, 2: 13, which basically commands us to respect the authorities placed in charge. I was not allowed even twenty-four hours to enjoy the fact that this country had taken such a great step. It was like wrecking a new car as soon as I drove it off the lot. Regardless who you voted for the fact that America grew to this point deserved more from the Christian Right, who is already tagged with the label of not caring for minorities.

We need to get our priorities in line and do something about those who do ETERNAL harm. GET THIS TRASH OFF TV!!



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  1. WOW! Derrick, I tell you — you hit all the nails with this one, my friend.

    Benny Hinn is interesting. John 16:33 was addressed to the DISCIPLES, not heathens. He told His disciples “….YOU will have tribulation”. If folks would listen just a little bit, and stop shoutin’ so much…

    I agree with you totally about the Christian (Evangelical) response to Obama’s win — it’s downright ridiculous. We tell folks to “trust God”, but we don’t — not really. Folks act like McCain was Jesus’ second coming. “Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST!”. I’ve heard that more times than I want to admit. Okay, well if he is (according to those who know), then it’s a fulfillment of prophecy and NOTHING could have been done to stop it. So, whatcha’ gonna do? Do you believe God, or not? Which is it? Pick a card. Any card.

    I’ll say THIS too — I would have chosen Obama OVER Parsley, Hinn, Jakes AND Dollar (had they been in the running for the Oval Office).

    Thanks, Tracie! This is really sad stuff.
    And to your last point, I would agree! I think they would fight for unborn babies… only to eventually take their money and their souls.

    Comment by anappygirl | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. “Sow a seed of $10,000 to keep the MIRACLE of TBN on the air”? Are they insane? I can’t believe that people think that this is….legit.

    I so agree with you in terms of your whole post. I have to be really honest, speaking as a Christian, I was kind of “concerned” (but also elated) when I saw that Obama one for the same reasons that the “Evangelicals” thought. I did think “but is this the end to our morals?” (for the lack of a better word) But we are not to put our trust in ANY politician and no matter who is President, it is the Most High who really runs things and we are to put our trust only in Him.

    We DO have our priorities a lil screwed up don’t we?

    P.S. I have been reading your blog for a lil while but finally got the courage to comment. I love reading your blog.

    Hey, Erin! Thanks a lot for reading. And by the way, I fiend for the comments(!) so feel free to let me know what you think!
    Glad to have another discerning Christian out there! Derrick.

    Comment by Erin | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Ooops, I meant when Obama WON, not one. Sorry ’bout that.

    Comment by Erin | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  4. This is the crap that evangelicals should boycott and protest. These people distort the gospel and do damage to the Kingdom work in this world. The souls they help lead astray should be the church’s concern as much as abortion and gay marriage!

    Yep! But not that many seem to care. Thanks, Richard!

    Comment by Rick T | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  5. By the way, “invidious invectives” nice usage!

    Language is fun!

    Comment by Rick T | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  6. I thought I was the only person who discerned the same thing. The Christian right has done more harm to the Body of Christ than any non believer. The young are more anti-God than ever. After watching the campaign mess from McCain’s rallies, many hearts were harden. And what did Jesus command in Matthew 28:18-20?

    Thanks, David! Glad to know you’re aware!
    Yeah, it seems that folk nowadays are not willing to look past al the hypocrisy we delve out.
    That Matthew passage is precisely what our church is endeavoring to do now.

    Comment by David | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  7. Wow – isn’t it crazy that with all the warnings of deception in the last days that many “evangelicals” have no idea that THEY could be deceived???

    Have any of you read “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Greg Boyd? I so recommend it – it is right on point with the simple commands Jesus gave us rather than all the political idolatry going on in the “church”.

    Comment by Heather | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  8. Man, I agree completely with you assessment and cringe at the face of Christianity wiping sweat with a $15 prayer towel.

    To push the conversation further…what do we change? How do we turn the tide? Where does it start?

    Comment by Tim | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  9. @Heather,
    Nope, I haven’t read it. I will check it out, though. But I have read this — Matt 24:24, which let’s me know that the appearance of the Anti-Christ is not going to be so easily discerned, initially.

    The fact that so many evangelicals are shouting “Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST!!!!”, along with “Terrorist!”, “Socialist!”, “Marxist!!!!” lets me know that he probably ain’t none of those things. Some of us can’t even indentify a basic charlatan, but think we got it all figured out, when it comes to politics and devils.

    I believe when the Anti-Christ DOES actually come on the scene, he won’t be instantly found out by the majority — saints or aints. It’ll take a last minute epiphany, and finally/thankfully the lights will come on. There is assurance in that scripture (Matt 24:24), as well.

    Obama is very intelligent, very polished and pretty classy —while not being bad on the eyes. Americans are so used to seeing the opposite (in varying degrees), that when we see such charisma packed in one person, we often get scared and suspicious. Yet, my fellow evangelical brothas and sistas can be even more “spooky”, but often (unfortunately) not for the same reasons.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Heather!

    Comment by anappygirl | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  10. Hi anappygirl – love your screenname and blog title and will be sure to check it out. I totally agree with your comments. My husband and I have been blown away by people saying Obama is the anti-Christ. I guess I fear the LORD too much to ever make such an accusation about ANYONE since the Bible tells me not to speak evil of any man (Titus 3) – and if one is wrong on that accusation, that is quite the slander!

    Matt. 24:4 actually scares me the most — the ones who come in Jesus’ name and confess He is the Christ — those are the ones I’ll be watching the closest. 🙂

    If you’re interested, you can check out Greg Boyd on YouTube talking about the book. And you can go to my blog and click on the image of the book at the right side to get it really cheap at CBD. This link takes you to part 1 of 3 of Greg’s interview (part 2 gives you a good summary):

    Comment by Heather | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  11. Heather, Tracie, Tim, I appreciate you.

    Greg Boyd’s book seems like one I need to get! I saw the YouTube clip, and he seems to be saying what I’ve been thinking for years!
    Tim, your question is one I’ve been trying to deal with a long time.
    I think if we could convince Christians that issues like these are foundationally important, they would speak out against these crooks and dry up their wells.

    I know apologetics is not necessarily attractive, but a knowledge of, and a defense of our faith is a commandment. We need to see how souls are being affected.

    As for the whole “ant-Christ” thing, Heather, Rick will tell you that MY take on Matthew 24 is wholly different than most American Christians. I am not equipped enough yet to lay out my position in full. Suffice it to say that that whole chapter was Jesus’ particular response to a particular question by a particular group of people, and in that sense, I don’t think He would ignore their question and speak to some nebulous group at some nebulous point in time…

    I don’t dread that sort of thing. I know that Scripture says that whoEVER says that Jesus has not come in the flesh is an anti-Christ, and that there are many of them!

    I do feel that these crooks are “against” Christ, though!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  12. The miracle that is TBN? Is that the kind of miracle that Simon the Sorceror used to perform?

    Derrick, I can’t tell you how much I love this post. This sums up just about everything that’s wrong with the Evangelical movement in the United States very nicely.

    Wickle, I really thank you for that!

    Comment by wickle | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  13. Derrick – I just had a vision that 5 people reading this BLOG are going to send me $5000 each. In the greek this word is “giveBonesYourMoney” – which sounds very much like “give Bones your money” in English. It’s a loose translation I know but biblically very clear.

    I’m not sure whether to label these folks are just foolish or to be saddened that the prince of darkness has blinded them from truth. Like I said on FB, we actually blocked these channels on the TV so this is all new to me. But it really makes me think about WHO is actually watching these shows and responding to them. It is sad that they find their HOPE in a preacher that twists the truth and promises them blessings from above – when in reality they are passing up the one true HOPE for salvation and everlasting life.

    I personally think that this junk partially stems from a desire of this generation (our generation) – consumeristic, microwave society folks – to avoid real confrontation in life. Instead of taking on real issues and real people, they safely hide behind group politics and generate attack ads and articles that don’t really hold them accountable to anything. Doing so with the bible behind you gives them purpose and meaning – so clearly any choice by Americans that goes against that must be unbiblical.

    If you haven’t done so already, here’s yet another FEAR inducing politician said about OBAMA:

    I’m not trying to kill free speach here but our elected officials should show a level of responsibility in their speech b/c they are “leading” by example. And their actions are encouraging fear mongering in others.

    Comment by Bones | November 12, 2008 | Reply

  14. Oh, now he’s compared to “Adolph Hitler”? LOL!
    Honestly, I have never seen anything like this presidential campaign. It’s deeply disturbing.

    Folks can’t find a reason why a man like him could have so much influence over a nation like ours — He must be evil and up to no good. Gotta be. Betta watch him closely. He’s training the next “Gestapo” as we type.

    I’m telling you — I hope the secret service is on Obama, like white on rice. Cuz with all the haterade being passed around, somebody’s gonna let their ignorance/prejudice/lack of sound judgement overtake them.

    Right in time for the Holidays. You know how we do…

    Comment by anappygirl | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  15. Thanks Marc!
    Tracie, you still up? Marc has an excuse being in Washington state…

    I read that article. It is amazing that ELECTED OFFICIALS of all people don’t know enough about how our government is constructed to know that one man (Bush notwithstanding) doesn’t have the power to do here what Hitler did!
    That is why we have a three part system.


    But ONE crooked preacher preying on the greed of thousands all over the world can do much more damage.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  16. LOL Bones – very funny. 🙂 And agree with your assessments. Just can’t believe the comparison of Obama to Hitler – unbelievable.

    Comment by Heather | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  17. Derrick,
    I’m up WAY too late, most of time. I usually get to bed between 1 and 2 AM.

    I got you by two hours! I don’t make it in till about 4.

    Comment by anappygirl | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  18. Derrick – true, true. I didn’t mean to sway the conversation in another direction and take the focus off of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And I’ve thought about it – specifically what can I do about this … I’ve come up empty. I tune out the channels but that simply means that I am not receiving the garbage. That doesn’t make the garbage go away. I’m doubtful that emailing TBN is going to do anything and I’m afraid to call b/c the only phone lines that work are ones that take your money (did you notice the phone counter in the upper part of the screen)?


    Comment by Bones | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  19. No no, Marc! You didn’t change the subject! And if you did, it’s cool.

    I often pray that their ministries will be torn down — kind of like muffling the Siren so that the ships don’t continue to crash onto the rocks — and so that the crooks might be won over to Christianity.

    I have e-mailed them and written letters. Just to put myself on the record.

    I think that if people developed an interest in the Word and in defending it, they would be more vigilant. I have tried to convince friends and family, to no avail, to join me in the fight. A simple, steady collective hue and a plaintive cry would make a difference, I think.

    And, yeah, the phone counter is almost hypnotic! “Get up an’ go tha phone!!” in the words of Paula White.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  20. Doctrine is just not as important as the “promise” of prosperity/healing. That’s why Benny Hinn can say that Jesus wasn’t talking about “us”, in John 16:33, and nobody says, “Wait a minute! Yes He WAS”. They would rather hear that tribulation is only for “others”. That’s insane and immature thinking. That’s why mental institutions are full of “professing” Christians. Jesus is “shalom”. But many Christians are without peace, because the peace He gives is not what the world offers.

    These men/women have such a strong hold (stronger than the Word of God, rightly divided), that when the actual life experiences are different from what “Creflo” said, they can’t handle it — they don’t understand why the talisman/blessed sheet/Gem of Golgotha/Partnership Offering isn’t working for them, and they lose it. It’s such a tragedy, but folks are more concerned with the new “Adolph Hitler”.


    These sinister ministers are venomous — but hey, some like playing with snakes.

    Comment by anappygirl | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  21. I mean, just go head and preach, then!
    I like that mixture of humor and Truth…

    The crooks ALWAYS look at doctrine as something unseemly stuck to their shoes! TD Jakes comes to mind. F.K.C.Price, too. Doctrine is like the rules to the game!

    Like how we black folk play checkers and horseshoes…! Never according to the rules — we just make up our OWN way to play.

    As for “tribulation,” it is NOT the example of Scripture that God whisks us away from trouble, I agree. (I don’t know why this eschatology thing is so on my mind these days! It is just cool to finally be able to begin to understand Revelation.) It is that mentality that makes weak believers insulate themselves from the world and its sorrows. (I do it, too) We love safety!

    Christianity ain’t safe!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  22. Hi Derrick, I too have been a steady reader of your blog, and I truly respect your opinions and theology ie division of the word and love your articles. However,I noticed that you mentioned Fred Price among the other “crooks”. Having been a long time viewer of Fred Price, can you point out what is specifically wrong with Fred Price`s theology, as I used to be a faithful adherent to everything that he espoused. Ps I`ve never believed in new testament christians tithing, tongues being the only evidence that you are feeled with the spirit, or in the once saved always saved just to name a few of the things that I believe are not true. Thank you pss I too am a musician and enjoyed your hilarious escapades and adventures.

    Thanks, Seeker! I am honored.
    As for Fred Price… where do I begin? I have written about him before — you can do a serch of his name on my blog, but he is classic Word of Faith, which is to say, he preaches that we can use our words to create the reality we desire, whether it be in the area of health or of money, or whatever. Offhand, I remember hearing him say that if you have an infirmity like bad hearing or poor eyesight, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t want to live inside your body (“Why would the Holy Spirit wanna live in a body that can’t hear through the ears, or see out of the eyes…?”) He proclaimed years ago that one shouldn’t have to go to a doctor, and that that was an indication of a lack of faith… until his own wife got cancer and HE had to get surgery! There is a lot more! I have heard him say positive things on race, but theology and doctrine supercede racial matters.
    What instrument do you play?

    Comment by Seeker of truth | November 16, 2008 | Reply

  23. You know, Maxdaddy, I am so glad that you are pointing these things out about these “preachers”. I really had no idea that this was going on. I don’t watch TBN at ALL. But I have heard and seen a bit of Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn. Something always didn’t sit right with me about their teaching. Especially when they say things like Christians should be poor and all that jazz.

    I think the “fear” that people have with Obama is that since he will be the next president, then people who are pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion or pro-whatever that is “not of Christ”…..are going to use Obama’s win as a ticket to change society’s ways into pushing what they want.

    I can’t believe someone is comparing Obama to Hitler. That is the biggest stretch I’ve ever heard.

    Hey, Erin!
    I agree with you.
    And I think that you are right about Obama,too. We as black Christians (NOT in that order) have to be sure to maintain right thinking on individual issues, particularly as they relate to the practice of our faith. We see already that gay rights groups are mad at black folk saying, “We voted for YOUR stuff! Why did you vote against OUR stuff?!?”

    I will forever state with force that being black is NOT NOT NOT the same as being gay! I am offended at the comparison. Yes, we must be sure to show love and compassion for those who choose to live differently than we do, but we must be equally as diligent in laying out the differences between race and a particular attraction.

    People WILL use his presidency to try to further their agendas, just as they do on both sides. But there can be a black pesident without the country “falling into moral ruin.” If that is happening, it started lonnnnng before black folk got a voice!

    Comment by Erin | November 16, 2008 | Reply

  24. What is up with my typos? I mean to say “….things like Christians should NOT be poor..”

    Comment by Erin | November 16, 2008 | Reply

  25. I have met reformed homosexuals, reformed drug users, reformed thiefs, reformed liars, reformed sex cheaters,.. but I have YET to meet a reformed black, hispanic, asian, indian, etc,… So let it be clear that race is not the issue,.. but loose morals are!! I respect the office of the president and honor it,.. so I can say what I want about Obama until Jan. I don’t understand how any Christian,.. whether they watch TV Evang. or not,.. could have casted a vote to a man that will not pledge alligance to our flag,… refused to wear a flag pin, and took the US Flag off his airplane. As a wife of a vet,.. as a Christian,.. as an American,.. that spits in the face of all this CHRISTIAN country stands for. Granted a cross was planted on the New England shores before our flag,.. and rightfully so,.. but many have died to keep that flag flyin’ and to have someone openly say they will not sing the star spangled banner and still with the office,.. says alot about our moral values. God didn’t cast the vote,.. He left that in the hands of the body of Christ,.. to do that for him,… it’s a little thing called choice.

    The election brought out more voters then it has in decades,.. and still only 65% of the total population voted,.. however over 80% Americans proclaim to be Christian!! That is more of a crime then some of the preachers on the air,.. you have the choice to shut it off,.. but I will tell you this,.. When I was sick, dieing and laying in bed just waiting for the Doctors word to come true and die,… you didn’t come knocking on my door to give me Gods word,.. get me saved,.. and grow my faith enough to know that Jesus would heal me!!! No local preacher from a dead,.. sunday saint,sinner on monday church came to lay hands on me,.. But thanks be to God for using the medieum that Satan has gained control over,.. to use for his good with some bad,.. but mostly good servants that are bold enough to put up with the persacutions from people like you all that don’t live and walk in this main commandment of Love!! Learn, discern, correct and you will be wise. I can’t believe all the hatred,.. Satan’s favorite tool being used on this blog. Shame on you all, and if you think that this letter is strong,.. Try reading 2/3rds the NT written by Paul. It is out of love, but correction.
    Kathi M <

    Comment by Kathi M | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  26. Erin,.. how could you ever help the poor, the widows, the strangers, the next door neighbor,.. you kids,.. the church,.. or anything else in this world without money!!! You don’t have a problem with football stars, singers, presidents,.CEO’s or anyone else having abundance,.. but you will deny the employees of The Most High God the benefit of displaying His glory!!! If I can’t help myself, how can I help others!!! If we are to be in the image of God,.. He has Gold streets!! and if we are to be in the image of Christ,.. He had taylor made suit that they fought over and casted lots for at the foot of the cross,.. He lacked for nothing,.. and he had a treasurer and He preached, healed and restored ALL that He met,.. and the apostles and believers did the same thing after he assended!! How poor was Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon,.. etc,.. As an ambassador for Christ,.. my embassey will look good, by clothes nice, and my life right so that others can truely see what the trinity is. If I was broke, busted and discusted,.. driving a beat up old car, getting infront of my church pleading for money to make ends meet,.. who in thier right minds would want to have any part of the God I serve!!! He made us in HIS image,.. not the image the media and Satan has made for us.

    I hear and discern the green ugly head of jealousy in this blog by all,.. and again,.. shame on you!! If you were blessed,.. I would congradulate you,.. not talk behind your backs!! Personally,.. I voted McCain,.. and now glad Obama won, comes the rapture of the church,.. His kingdom come, His will be done,.. and it will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!
    Kathi M <

    Comment by Kathi M | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  27. Uh oh…

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  28. Huh? Am I missing something?

    Comment by Erin | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  29. Yep…Uh oh.

    Comment by anappygirl | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  30. Hey, Erin, you know in the movie, Jaws, when the guy turns around and sees the shark, and says, “uh oh! we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”?

    This is one of those moments.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  31. LOL! Yea, I agree. lol

    Oh and I so agree with you here!

    “But there can be a black pesident without the country “falling into moral ruin.” If that is happening, it started lonnnnng before black folk got a voice!”

    So very true!!

    Comment by Erin | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  32. The floodgates are open!

    Kathi, you just gave me a whole side of beef to eat in two bites!
    I have a rehearsal to go to, but as soon as I get back and get my family squared away, I’ll get my A-1 and start chewin.
    In the interim, I’m sure my friend, Tracie, will probably leave me with nothing to eat!

    Be sure, though, that there is NO hatred nor jealousy emanating from this blog! Might need to tweak your discernment satellite!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  33. Ahhhh…Derrick, I’m gonna leave you PLENTY of meat! I’ll take the milk.

    When did Christianity and Patriotism become one? I don’t care about no “flag” nor “pledge of allegiance”. My allegiance is to Christ. “Christian nation” my foot! Black folks would STILL be slaves, and slave owners would STILL be going to church EVERY sunday, in this “Christian Nation” were it not for God. I have NO doubt about that. So…don’t even go there.

    Does Barack refuse to recite the Pledge and does he hate “The Flag”? Cuz, if those accusations are lies (they have been addressed several times, as lies), those who repeat the lies, because they’ve jumped on the “Barack is a TERRORIST” bandwagon, and have failed to do their homework, MAY find themselves in league with The Father of Lies. I’m just sayin’.

    Deal with the issues presented — These preachers some of us love more than Christ are deadly, because they lead people away from the truth of The Gospel.

    If Jesus said to the majority of these “Rich for Jesus!” folk, “Sell ALL you have and give to the poor”, they’d be worse than the rich young ruler, who walked away “very sad” (Luke 18:18-23). They’d be screamin’ in the streets — and I SERIOUSLY doubt the wailing would come out of a joyful heart — cuz they would be able to…give to the poor in abundance.

    The truth of all this is that unbelievers have a better grip on this, than we do. Did you “hear” what I said? The world KNOWS this stuff is a joke that ain’t funny! They see clowns, not real…clergy. Their hearts become hard, not because Christians are “broke”, but because they know criminal behavior when they see it (unlike those of us who are supposed to be lights, in darkness) — and they know that the church is supposed to be very different. They’re not as mesmerized by the jets, designer clothes and mansions as you think they are. Plus, all sinners aren’t poor — so the Prosperity Gospel isn’t a draw for everybody, cuz many already have wealth. Their souls are in peril, their spirits are “poor” and they trust in their riches. So, what do you say to them?

    They look at the church with contempt — with all these Christian leaders, who think marriage falls under the “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…and again, and AGAIN!” clause. They know that the blessings of God can’t really be bought — For instance, “Partnerhip/Seed Offerings” are nothing more than a way to milk money from folks (from the comfort of their homes that are going into foreclosure), by implying strongly that God will “bless” them, if they “partner up” with their ministry. You get the picture, right?

    Sorry if you got “hatred and jealousy” from what’s happening here. Cuz that ain’t the flavor. The Holy Spirit didn’t give you that one. Sorry.

    Comment by anappygirl | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  34. Kathi, I was with you on the beginning of your first post about reformed homosexuals, etc. but not reformed blacks, etc. You then lost me with all the political talk. The Bible makes it clear God puts leaders in power – so no one, not even Christians who try to fast and pray a whole lot – can manipulate God to get who they think they want in power. Please read Psalm 75:6-7; Daniel 2:21, 4:17, 25 and 32; John 19:10-11 and Romans 13:1-7.

    Secondly, I again suggest the book “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Pastor Gregory Boyd. I am really sorry to tell you this because I know it was hard for me to accept when I was told: America was never a “Christian” nation. It’s hard to make a case that founding a country on rebellion and bloodshed is following Jesus’ example along with killing Native Americans and taking their land, kidnapping Africans to make them slaves, etc. A deist nation – yes, Christian, no.

    And with all due respect regarding your second post: are you joking? Maybe I’ll let the others handle that one. 🙂

    Comment by Heather | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  35. Hi brother Derrick. In response to your post to me ,I am a former jazz organist, ala Jimmy Smith. Like you,I too have had many funny adventures and events throughout the years, but nothing as amusing and hilarious as you. Because of teachings I had been recieving(which I erroneously interpreted as being convicted by the Holy Spirit) I started to feel that I was participating in willfull sin.And more importantly, I was causing other people to sin with my preference in music style and venues. So In the last six years I had been playing for my former word of faith church as a keyboardist. Since that time I have come full circle in my theology.In response to your response on Dr. Price`s theology, Ive always questioned whether it was God`s will that we all be healed,having read paul`s request for healing and hearing God`s response.In saying that I was a student of Fred Price, I thought I might add that I have always considered myself to be an independent thinker. And I didn`t see his beliefs as being anti christ but just him being fully persuaded in his beliefs and faith. Instead I was admiring and still do admire his fruit and integrity of so many years,as I still believe that he is saved. Not that I am defending Fred Price, but he is the only word of faith pastor that I heard say that if you didn`t tithe that God is not going to rain down fire from heaven and send you to hell. Just my view. Thanks for listening

    Comment by Seeker of truth | November 18, 2008 | Reply

  36. David Setliff made this comment on another post on a similar subject. I thought it belonged here to shed some actuality on Kathi’s sentiment:


    Comment by DAVID SETLIFF

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  37. Tracie always breaks it down. Goodness gracious!!!!

    I wish I could be just as articulate in my arguments.

    Comment by Erin | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  38. The thing about it: They’ll take your money and not even question your spiritual CONDITION! They just want folks (who may not even KNOW The Lord) to “sow seeds”, not experience salvation thru The Gospel message. I hardly ever hear the Gospel Message on TV. It’s all about prosperity and receiving your “breakthrough”. I’m beginning to not like that word, btw.

    God is always doing a “new thing” in somebody’s ministry, yet these Supah Preachas are often TOTALLY caught up in sexual sin, or/and have accusations against them, regarding the misuse of church money. Yeah, King David was a mess, but he repented, and when he was confronted he showed humility. He didn’t think he was too “anointed” to get called on the royal carpet.

    Mr. Setliff’s story is not isolated. Plenty of folks have sent in money believing they’d receive healings and “breakthroughs”, and ended up with less money, same situations, but with bitter spirits (sometimes towards GOD Himself) as an extra bonus. Now, if that ain’t the devil, I don’t know what is. I’m so sorry, and angry about that.

    Jealousy…of ill-gotten gain? Shoot, if I didn’t have a conscience (I like to sleep at night) and didn’t believe that God would open up the earth, right under my feet, I could start a “ministry” right now, and have folks sendin’ me oodles of money.

    Times are hard, and unemployment is at an all-time high. Businesses are folding. Folks are seeking miracles. Hey! I could share the “Widow’s Mites” story from scripture (Luke 21) and compel folks to send me their “last”, with promises of big things, because of their “faith”! Folks would eat it up — cuz after all, it’s in the bible, right?

    Or, how about me daring folks to “empty their bank accounts”, to see God “move”? People want to “believe”, and faith challenges are a great way to get the money out of wallets and into my anointed, greedy hands! How much money do I have NOW???? A lot. That was EASY!!

    Wait…there’s more: How about me convincing you to pay for a floor in my house, so I can pray on it, on your behalf? Cuz you know I do need a “special floor” and it’s $200,000. My prayers work better than yours (cuz I’m anointed), so what’s the problem? I know I’m a millionaire now, but I’m going to get the money from YOU (you’re struggling to keep a roof over YOUR head), so you can “operate in faith” and “receive your BREAKTHROUGH!!!” Hahahaha!

    Let me stop. This stuff makes me angry. SO sorry, Derrick. **walks away from computer**

    Comment by anappygirl | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  39. LOL Tracie! Hopefully you feel better now after getting all that off your chest. 🙂 I love the “special floor” — and I appreciate you not calling anyone out specifically although I think I know who you could be talking about lol!

    Comment by Heather | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  40. Maxdaddy, it looks like another one was exposed.

    Check out this video:

    This might be an idea for another blog entry. I was FLOORED looking at that video.

    Comment by Erin | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  41. Brilliant, Tracie! Say as much as you want! You save me hours of hunting and pecking.

    My cholesterol is prob’ly high anyway, so I’ll be happy to just clean the bones.

    Yeah, Heather, that is JUANITA BYNUM she is referring to. Don’t be mad at me, but I will always name names if I get the chance! It is your civic duty that if you witness a crime, you should point out the perpetrator!

    Erin, I watched that clip. Sounds like he is trying to come up from ground zero, using the tactic that Tracie just laid out.

    They kill me, always talking about what they are “believing God” for, regardless of the fact that it is so obvious that God didn’t say anything!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  42. @Heather
    Phew! Yes, I feel better. It was something about the “You’re just JEALOUS!!!” response, that broke the floodgates. I’m tired of this mess. I’m tired of folks thinking wrong about God, because of these spiritual “murderers”.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  43. Sorry to keep commenting..dont’ ban me just yet!

    But check out Creflo’s take on Matt 19:16-22 (Luke 18:18-23)
    This dude is so STEEPED in this prosperity stuff, that he TOTALLY misses the points Jesus meant to get across, AND adds an ending to the rich young ruler’s story, that DIDN’T HAPPEN — not according to the scriptures.


    Comment by anappygirl | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  44. Ban WHO? No, friend! You validate my feelings on this stuff! I’m a big fan.

    I’ve got some more stuff to post, but I don’t want this conversation to end.

    Yeah, I’ve seen that clip before, and it is PRECISELY why the average Christian needs to know how to stand up for the Word! Even if you don’t know what those “couple scriptures down” say, you can say, “well let’s look at those scriptures you refer to and see if they say what you SAY they say.” Everyone who has ever gone to vacation bible school knows how that story ended… We need not be afraid to make a crook like Cref look bad! That’s the best thing for all involved.

    It is important to me to know about the Bible. And I don’t know it nearly well enough, but I love outing charlatans.

    The war is already won, but the fighting still has to be done!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  45. I can’t stay away from this post, Maxdaddy. I’m sorry!!! It’s just so refreshing to find other Christians who prefer doctrine over emotionalism/prosperity. I’m kind of a baby Christian (I say “kind of” for a reason, it’s a long story.)

    In response to the video that Tracie posted, OMGoodness, that is AWFUL!!! I remember my pastor preaching a sermon and using that Matt 19:16-22, and it clearly had NOTHING to do with money. What on earth?! You know what?….You don’t even have to do a major interpretation of that verse to figure out that the verse had nothing to do with material things. It’s pretty clear and also common sense.

    All of those souls that follow him…….

    Comment by Erin | November 19, 2008 | Reply

  46. That’s how I feel, Erin, when I talk to other Christians who are just as angry about this stuff!

    When I started doing this blog a couple of years ago (at the advice of a friend who thought it was a good way to break into writing professionally), I thought I was on an island. But then folks like me started coming out of the cracks, and I began to read other bloggers who were just as disillusioned.

    It is a wonderful thing to know that a Godly passion is shared, and that not everyone is into foul doctrine dressed up as Christianity!

    As a matter of fact, the first post I wrote that started my numbers rising was of a letter that I personally typed, mailed, ad e-mailed to Dollar in an attempt to alert him to the danger of his preaching. I went from, like 15 views a day to hundreds!

    It felt good to know that a lot of Christians actually KNOW about their faith.

    The reason I left the church of my childhood — and adulthood — and sought a multi-racial church was because, in part, a lot of the black churches I attended and saw on television were steeped in emotionalism and short on knowledge. And my own church began to adopt the language of the Word of Faith movement.

    I felt as though the Body on earth should mirror the Body in restored Paradise.

    These preachers prey on that lack of knowledge.

    Being emotional is cool. And understandable. But not at the epense of the SOUND MIND with which we are told to love God! Stay as long as you want, sister!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 20, 2008 | Reply

  47. I read (just recently, I might add) that Jamal Harrison Bryant hosted a “How to Love A Black Man — Biblically” bible study/workshop at his CHURCH, and ZANE (Preacher’s Daughter, Porn Peddler, Best Selling Erotica Writer) was his “Co-host”. What a stupid, carnal, unwise move that was. Who counseled him? Who pulled him to the side?

    Here’s a man, who has had some very public struggles with bringing his own sexuality (as a married man, especially) under the subjection of The Holy Ghost, making a decision to have a woman, who promotes all that is not of God (when it comes to sexuality), as a “minister” to God’s people. I say “minister”, because if she’s in the front with the pastor, teaching, she’s a “minister”. Her face was on the flyer. Talk about mishandling responsibility! I’d be curious to know how many folks came out, for the event.

    Now, you KNOW the gullible among us will find something to say, implying that the rest of us are “hatin’ on a man of God”, or that “God is doing a NEW thing!”, or some other manner of foolishness.

    Out of all the God-fearing, trained, Holy Ghost-filled, level-headed, not-afraid-to-talk-about-sex folk he COULD have found to speak to God’s people, he chose…Zane. I wonder if she had a book table at the event? What was he possibly thinking?

    When will the lights come on?

    Comment by anappygirl | November 20, 2008 | Reply

  48. Don’t get me started on THAT dude!

    More concerned with having the latest knot in his necktie (and the hippest shirt collar) than right doctrine!
    The essence of style over substance.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 20, 2008 | Reply

  49. Hi brother derrick. If you would please,dont forget to respond to my post concerning Fred Price. Could it be that he is fully persuaded in his own mind about his doctrinal beliefs (and be wrong about some things) yet still be a christian.

    Comment by Seeker of truth | November 20, 2008 | Reply

  50. I’m sorry, man! Seeker I got so caught up in reading what everyone was saying and I thought I had responded to everything! My bad!

    As for the music thing, I can sympathize with you there! I have fought that battle (and won) many times in my professional life.

    I have said that certain kinds of Christians seem to put music in a special category of sin (unbiblically) that NO OTHER vocation warrants. You can be an accountant and deal with money other than tithes and offerings, but if you play organ, you can only do it in church.

    I’ve never heard of a “secular” nurse!

    As for Rev. Price, I really cannot judge his heart. But his theology is testable. If he IS saved, it is by a TOTALLY different standard than his teaching!

    He is Word of Faith through and through. And that system teaches blatant heresies such as God being subject to the will of man, God being limited in His earthly operation, Jesus having to go to hell to complete the atonement, the “spiritual” death of Jesus on the cross, and so many others…

    If Price is a doctor of theology, I can’t see any way possible that he has read and studied the Bible thoroughly and NOT seen the dangerous errors he teaches.

    To preach Prosperity gospel and simultaneously know what the Word says about the love and desire for money means that one has to purposely twist the Scriptures to get them to say what Price, Dollar, Hinn, and Copeland say. And they ALL come from the same origins: Hagin and the rest.

    If he believes what he teaches — and he may by this time — it is because God has turned him over to a reprobate mind and given him over to the lusts of his heart.

    He may be very nice, very compassionate. But so are a lot of people. Oprah is nice. I have atheist and pagan acquaintances who are nice, and who would give you their last. But the measure by which we are saved is Jesus, and Him rightly divided!

    It is one thing to differ from the norm in nonessential matters like speaking in tongues, prayer languages, and the like, but when you start messing around with the nature of God and the Atonement, you part ways with Biblical Christianity. And not because I said so, but because of what the Bible says.

    I know a lot of people don’t like Hank Hanegraaf — he can be uncomfortably direct, and sometimes curt — but his book, “Christianity in Crisis,” is an excellent place to see (and hear) the heresies of Price and so many others in their own words. Hanegraaf names names, and that is helpful when these guys show up on tv so much.

    And YouTube is valuable for exposing the truth, too.

    Sorry, man for forgetting to answer your comment. Do so as often as you like! I don’t get to talk to too many peple, and this stuff helps me as well. Thanks!

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 21, 2008 | Reply

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