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“The Persecution Rests.”*

You know, when I hear John McCain demonstrate the nerve to get all indignant and hurt about being called out by Congressman John Lewis for the not-so-subtle racist rabble-rousing done by him and his people, I get a burning anger in my belly. We know code language when we hear it. Keep the game fair. Win on the ISSUES. That’s what I want.

When I hear caucasians downplay discrimination by saying blacks “play the ‘Race Card’,” I feel as though we have not really come as far as we think we have.

How dare a beneficiary of bias show such manufactured outrage at those who are hurt by it?!? All that is happening is that those with bigoted hearts are too cowardly to outwardly say what they really feel, but cloak it in semantics. I know how to do that.

“How dare that uppity so-and-so try to represent this great and Godly nation?!? KILL that TERRORIST! Off with his HEAD!!”

I submit into evidence Exhibit A-Z my entire case that Obama’s Democratic nomination and possible election does not cure that insidious infestation:

All the usual suspects are seen; Friiiied Chicken! Bobbecue Ribs! Redddd Kool-Aid! And that ol’ faithful standard —  Walla-mellon! Lawsy me! I’s jess a bubblin’ allll ova. I shole is! All on a food stamp! Cuz you knows that sweet ole Gub’mint print ’em all up jess fuh us Color folks! White folks is too good an’ too hard wekkin’ to need ’em. All them folks in them trailer parks is jess FREE SPIRITS! Dey ain’t PO!
The “Religious Right,” the Moral Majority… Give me  break!
Oh, yeah, A Republican in California is responsible for this.
*Or, “Manufactured Outrage: One Job We Haven’t Outsourced.”

October 17, 2008 - Posted by | Conservatives, Current Events, Democrats, Elections, John McCain, McCain, Morality, Obama Bucks, Race, Racism, Rant, Republicans


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  2. the Texas GOP had those buttons asking if it would still be the White House if Obama is elected. Ann Coulter is obsessed with his middle name. And this “Obama buck” is just about the most offensive thing I’ve seen.

    Even though I’m not with either party, I’ve generally leaned Republican. As far as I’m concerned, though, if people have to go with a major candidate, Obama is the way to go.

    Comment by wickle | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. What is that thing?

    I’m not speaking to the current situation, but I do believe some blacks do play the race card. I don’t know how else to say that, so there ya go – I’m a racist. Are you saying that some blacks don’t play the race card or that some black politicians don’t play into or up to or down to the stereotypes when it suits them (as do whites, yes of course)? Do you remember Tawana Brawley?

    Sharpton is just one overly obvious example of a snake who plays race for his own gain and to the detriment of those he claims to champion.

    Are whites not ever allowed to point out B.S. when it’s dished out by a black man? I knew a woman once who claimed that blacks could not be racist because they were the oppressed – only whites could be racist. Oh please.

    🙂 Jumping in with both feet.

    Hey, Sara! Glad you took a chance. I know it wasn’t easy.
    I had to leave town to work, so that is why it took me all night to respond.

    That “bill” is what has been coined, an Obama Buck. His face on a food stamp peppered with black food stereotypes. Highly offensive and upsetting to me!
    The woman who sent these through the mail to her Republican base when confronted said coyly that it was only food, and that she had no idea it was racist! Although, in an attached letter she commented that Obama (who earlier speculated that he didn’t resemble any of the guys on American currency) would “of COURSE” be on a food stamp.
    This is a slur of unquestionable magnitude.

    Of course I am not saying you are a racist. It is not racist to call BS when you see it. Forgive me if I mislead you.

    I am saying that when McCain acted all hurt and sad when congressman John Lewis “Played the Race Card” by calling out his campaign for inciting hatred and racism, I didn’t get the impression that he was putting Country First — as is his slogan. He was clearly ignoring the fact that he is using a slimy tactic to win this race.

    I am saying that when things such as this Obama Buck pop up, invariably the cry is heard from my white fellow citizens, “get over it! Quit playing the ‘Race Card’.” As if the only racist act is using the “N” word!

    I am saying that I don’t think that racism is simply a ‘Card” in a deck, and I am saying that racism is not a game of any sort. It is a serious matter, and as a Christian who strives to see racial unity withIN my faith, it hurts my heart to see people who dubiously claim to be Christian engage in bigoted behavior or consort with those who do!

    I am NOT saying that folk like Sharpton and Jessie don’t often use race as a crowbar. Look at the Pacman Jones situation (he’s a football player who is constantly running afoul of the law. I think he’s a criminal). There are those who say that his suspension is racist. I don’t think so. While there are white players who have gotten in trouble and gone under the radar, Pacman can’t use his race as a crutch. He’s used up all his grace with the public.

    People who do that anger me just as much, for they dilute the protests of those who actually DO experience discrimination. They give a foothold people who want us to take our crumbs and our lumps and SHUT UP.
    I know about Tawana Brawley. I remember when it happened. I remember believing it based on the fact that so many other real things had taken place. I remember Susan Smith killing her kids and blaming a black man. I remember Charles Stuart (I believe) in Boston shooting his wife and blaming someone like me. I remember last year, an innocent black man getting shot at his wedding. I could go on…

    I think Sharpton used that incident as a way to get himself out there, and when it proved to be a lie, his pride, PRIDE wouldn’t let him admit his error. Too much chance for lost credibility. I agree with you there.

    My point is that when clear cases of racism come up — like the subtlety of the last two weeks of his desperate campaign — that same pride will not let them admit it. They instead, shoot the messenger by crying, “Race Card.” That usually effectively shuts down the argument.

    I have been surprised to see that the main ones accused of playing to race have been the non-minorities in this election cycle. Very shrewd. It clears the path for there to be enough doubt when Obama’s middle name has been used in such a pejorative way.

    Let me say this to that: I have a middle name which is stereotypically negatively black. It is like Willie, or Tyree, or Clitus, or any other slave-type name. I don’t tell my friends what it is. (They heard it at my wedding when my pastor read it all out loud in front of the whole world! I will never hear the last of it.) The only time they use it is when they are trying to take a jab at me. It is never used for anything but a joke.
    Likewise, when Hussein is used by Obama’s detractors, there is no positive reason for it. It is used for a specific point. And we ALL know what it is, and the fake bewilderment raises my “prussha!”
    I naively want politics to be fair. Especially when Christians engage in it. That is all.

    As for the “Only whites can be racist,” I have heard that for years. I think that only whites in this country can oppress a people, but — the definition of “Racist” being one who thinks his race is inherently superior — ANYone can be that! Ask a black sprinter, or a black defensive back, or a white evolutionist…

    God bless you, Sara!

    Comment by sara | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  4. I can NOT vote for John McCain. I can’t do it. I can’t even lie about it. My evangelical brothas and sistas will shoot me, and revoke my “Christian” card (which is no surprise based on the stuff I put out there online. I say what I think, for the most part), and I’ll just have to trust Jesus to know who truly belongs to Him.

    Yes, I’m totally not down with Barack on abortion. But that just means the church (me included)is going to have to step up, as far as outreach, discipleship and counseling (we need to do that, anyway), and stop waving bibles and “baby killer” signs at folks. Cuz when you don’t have insurance (or you do, but you can’t afford the deductibles/copays/prescriptions), and the economy clearly caters to the rich, you’re gonna have a hard time convincing a poor, under-employed woman to see the “rightness” of not aborting her baby. You’re naive, if you think otherwise. The body of Christ is very heavenly minded, and often no earthly good.

    No presidential candidate is spotless. But McCain is a very dim light, in an already dim world, just like his “main man”, George W. The possibility of Sarah Palin runnin’ this country makes my teeth hurt.

    Hey, Tracie!

    I hear you! I’m currently trying to fly! Not land on either side.

    Obama’s abortion stance is abominable. Flat out.

    You preached here! My church is currently in a state of upheaval. We are focusng on Jesus’ LAST WORDS ON EARTH! “Go out and make disciples.” Real disciples. We are trying to see how that concept shakes out in this real world. We may lose members, but if we are successful, we will not need a mega-church to transform the culture.
    Christians are like a teaspoon of salt in a bathtub full of water.

    If we practiced the faith we said we have, we would not have to rely on the guvvamint to provide for the poor or legislate moral behavior.
    Instead, we huddle in our edifices and wash each others’ backs and look down our holy noses at those who choose to sleep in.


    Comment by anappygirl | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. I see. So tell me if I’m right. This clearly racist “buck” was created by a woman who supports McCain (in an official capacity?) and when it came to light, no one from the McCain camp would admit that the imagery is racist? Is that correct?

    Yep. And the lady who did it claimed it was just food, not a slur at all.

    As for Obama, he not only says that signing FOCA would be his first order of business as president, not only has he not supported Born Alive, but he also does not endorse the Pregnant Woman Support Act which would provide assistance to women with crisis pregnancies. His assertion that his plans would reduce abortion are just plain lies.

    Obama is in SIN on the abortion issue. I don’t mean that in a casual sense at all! I had to study up on FOCA, . Nobody, left OR right, has seemed to make a dent in abortion numbers, and the left only gives it lip service.

    Listen, morality cannot be legislated but morality does shape legislation. Murder, rape, slavery are moral issues too but no one suggests that they are ONLY moral issues – of course there are laws against them.

    I totally agree. We experct the govt. to use law to control behavior — legislate morals. I agree. I just think the Church has dropped the ball.

    Thanks Derrick, for hearing me even when I stumble over my words.

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. OH and let’s talk about redistribution of wealth. Part of that redistribution would be to require that taxes that I pay would go to pay for abortions.

    I hate taxes. I know they are the law of the land. I am not into socialism, either. I wonder how this mindset lines up with how the first century church operated… Still working on that.

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  7. I guess we’re off topic a bit now but I’m really good at off topic. Tawana Brawley was only one thing Sharpton was involved in and not even the first one. Around here he’s a fixture – well not so much anymore, but before he tried classing up his act and taking it to the national stage. Everywhere he goes, whether the controversy has merit or not (and many do), Sharpton is in it for the publicity and for his own gain. He has such a persona that I wonder what he is really like. I mean, does he ever lets his guard down and just talks honestly without all the shouting, without trying an angle.

    Minorities bring false charges against whites often enough. Maybe some people think turn about is fair play? The Duke lacrosse team springs to mind. They were no choir boys for sure and I thought they were guilty, but the facts didn’t hold that up.

    Those guys I think made those foul remarks, but it was clear they were innocent of anything else. That stripper made my point! When something real does happen, she will be used, just like Brawley, as an example of why it DIDN’T happen. I was highly upset, and I thought SHE should have done the time the guys would have gotten. Some of those kids will never get back what they lost. And there are black people who KNOW she lied and won’t admit it because they hate The White Man just that much. I feel EXACTLY the same way about them as I do white racists!

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  8. Okay, here goes a scary response.

    I think these types of propaganda are disgusting. But I think it is blind to limit judgment to one particular party. Yes, the “obama buck” is admonishable and the ignorant republican from CA who made is should be repremanded and/or removed from office. But this is not the only junk we have seen in this election season. Both the McCain and Obama camps have been negative.

    Hey, Bob. I’m truly objective, and I can say that McCain has been FAR more personal and negative than has Obama.

    Are you honestly going to base your vote on the ignorant members of the Republican or Democratic parties? Is that more important than other issues? Or rather, are they worth it?

    I will base my vote on who I think displays integrity within a corrupt system. And on the issues I adhere to.

    I thought long and hard about not voting this election because I’m not happy with either candidate and I want both parties to be dissolved. But then something convicted me. If I am for life, and I proclaim to be a Christian who is un-wavering in my respect for life, then I have to leave it all on the line. I have to be put everything I can into protecting the unborn, and elderly, and others under attack.

    I am pro-life, too. As my friend, Tracie put it; Life is life inSIDE the womb as well as out. And GENERALLY the GOP seems not to value certain forms of humanity outside the womb. They die in outrageous numbers too.

    Yes, you can lump black people into that definition however, in this war blacks and whites alike are being killed en mass. Actually over 65% of the abortions in the past five years are white.

    So while I don’t disagree with you that this propaganda is wrong, I also don’t think that all white politicians or republicans are racists. I’m voting for McCain, not because I think he is perfect or because I like everything he has to say, but rather I’m voting for him because I believe Christians have a moral obligation to protect life at all costs. And I believe that a person who is not pro-life, such as Obama or Biden, cannot truly love man kind, so how can we trust them as a President? I’m not voting for McCain because he is pro-life, I’m voting for him because his opponent is not.

    One thing I hope in writing this blog is that noone thinks I think all “white politicians or republicans are racists.” I WILL, however, point out with vigor and verve the ones who demonstrate that they are! Yes, “protect life at all costs.” ALL human life.

    And, if that isn’t enough to consider, think on this…

    Psalm 127:3 reads, “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” How precious is this gift and yet, we squander it like everything else. In Act’s it is written, “…because he himself gives men life and breath”. I believe that when man is in conflict with God, an internal turmoil exists that cannot be forgiven or reconciled by man. Only God can resolve this war within us.

    If the war is racism, which is essential a lack of respect for all life, then let me ask you:

    How can a man who doesn’t love a baby, love all men and govern them accordingly?

    I don’t disagree with you here, Bob! Let me say this again: How can a party which shows time and time and time again that the Less Thans can fall off the earth and rot in their own depravity, govern all people fairly? If the GOP showed a degree of compassion for minorities and a desire to bridge the gap between the races (or to even really address the issue!) and heal the wounds from our abusive relationship, I would be a republican!

    At the risk of getting slammed I’ll say this. While I’m still a recovering racist trying to understand how I fit into that fight, the war right now is much simpler than racism….it’s the basic right to live.

    I’m not here to slam you, man. I admire your guts. But I do think that racism is the hacking cough that is the indication that our society has a terminal cancer of the lungs! And, once again, I am STAUNCHLY pro-life!

    Thanks again for the the great read, I may not always agree but do enjoy reading what you have to say.

    Comment by Bob | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  9. Eh, forget that last paragraph. I just re-read some things about that case, and whatever the court decision, I just don’t know what to believe.

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  10. I like your question about the early church. Here’s my opinion.

    In a purely secular, large government setting, socialism doesn’t work because no one wants to work hard only to have his earnings given away to someone who hasn’t worked for them. So society as a whole becomes intentionally unproductive and before ya know it, we’re all standing in bread lines.

    Now to contradict myself, I believe that in SMALL groups of people of LIKE MIND, in which no one is coerced, socialism may work – especially among committed Christians simply because they have they esteem each other as better than themselves therefore want to share and want to work hard to have something to share. In the book of Acts, the early church is described as sharing the wealth voluntarily and selling possessions to take care of each other. They had all things in common. In his epistles, Paul praises and admonishes different churches at different times according to whether or not they have been financially supporting his ministry. The book of James says that we are to take care of people in need. 1 Timothy says that someone that doesn’t take care of his own family is worse than an unbeliever.

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  11. I don’t necessarily believe McCain “loves babies”. I love babies, and I believe abortion is heinous. But you can’t just be concerned about people, when they’re inside the womb, and then treat them as “sub-humans”, once they’ve made an entrance. The basic “right to live” is a war — for those already here. Ask some poor people. They’ll tell you I’m right.

    The church has a responsiblity to be light — the government is run by human beings, so all that comes with a government governed by humans (no theocracy) is right there for us to see. No illusion about what we’re dealing with. Republicans are wicked. Democrats are wicked. Why? Because wickedness has no political affiliation. Men are subject to use their power to corrupt and facilitate greed. All men. McCain is not Jesus, and does not profess to be born again (unless I missed his profession of faith).

    We need to start “being” the Church, and stop just “going” to church. Abortion will never go away, as long as people don’t see ALL human life from God’s perspective. Christ changes the hearts of people, which changes their behavior. So again, what is our role? What is God’s role?
    We are to exalt Christ, and love people (in truth) — God will draw and convict, and lead folks to repentance. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, people. It’s not all about “who’s in the White House”. God is over all, and can “turn the heart” of ANY “king”, toward Him. If Christians would get OUR act together, I believe we would see some great and mighty things.

    Racists don’t have a love for all mankind. So, whether the “mankind” is an unborn baby, or a born person, the lack of love is still there. Don’t be mesmerized by the “pro-life” stance. Cuz if you’re really “pro-life”, then you want everyone to have an opportunity to…live life, whether they’re inside or outside the womb.

    Obama ain’t the answer. But neither is McCain.

    Sorry to be so lengthy, Derrick…

    The doors of the church are open!

    Comment by ANappyGirl | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  12. Tracie,

    uh huh, but at least those outside the womb are still alive. That’s what I’m talking about – the difference between life and death. All those other things are important, but they still come after being born alive. Last I checked, poor folks weren’t being rounded up and shot.

    Yes, the Church needs to step up, but is it too much to ask that they step up and vote for life too? Yes, let’s change hearts (or ask Jesus to) but in the meantime, is it too much to ask that murder not be legal? Let’s change people’s racist attitudes but let’s make sure that lynching is illegal too. Let’s not forget that historically change of law often precedes the change of heart.

    I am just not seeing it. I am dumbfounded that Christians can hear what Obama is saying out loud and then say he’s the better candidate. I don’t get it. I know that it’s not my place to judge another man’s servant, but I would feel that there was innocent blood on my hands if I voted for him. I’ve read comparisons of abortion to the war in Iraq and quite honestly, it’s a stretch. *sigh* I know I’m talking to myself here because pretty much our minds are all made up…

    Comment by sara | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  13. About the whole “Susan Smith” incident. What I find most interesting about that is that ALL the black folks I know, knew girlfriend was lying. We knew it. How? There was no way a black man was gonna kidnap some white kids, in the bible belt/Klan Kountry, where the bible carriers also wear white robes, with pointy hats — unless he was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY insane. The fact that Smith felt she could so easily cast the blame on a black man, knowing her allegations wouldn’t be questioned by the white community, speaks volumes.

    The black men in that town spoke of how they were treated, by whites, BECAUSE of Susan Smith’s lie (on the Oprah show). Every black man was…guilty, when only one man would have been, if her story had been the truth.

    Let’s not talk about the “race card”, cuz as you said, Derrick, this is not about a “deck of cards”.

    Comment by anappygirl | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  14. I agree with you both. If that is possible…
    Sara, I think Tracie has agreed with you on abortion.

    She is just saying (as am I) the same thing conservatives in my church say: that it is not primarily the job of government to do the things Christians should be doing, i.e., changing the current culture of destruction. That is the gist of this whole thing.

    I am not trying to slam all Republicans. It is just that there is a faction prevalent on that side that claims to be the party of God while neglecting certain weighty matters of the Law. And certain of their policies hurt those who are already hurting. So many damned souls. Lost.

    Murder is wrong, therefore abortion is wrong. We ALL agree here.

    Death by neglect and a cycle of poverty and misery leaves one just as dead. Here we differ civilly.

    I have seen from the INSIDE what happens when so many who never had a chance at a good life, a decent life, are born and thrust in the midst of a cesspool of criminal parenting, drug abuse, gang violence, hereditary disease, undereducation, infant mortality, baby-mama boyfriend abuse and murder (heck, only a few MONTHS ago in the ghetto, an infant baby was killed by a mother who used her as a freekin’ BAT to swing it at her boyfriend!!!!!)

    There are eight and nine year old babies walking the streets as I write this — 11:55 PM, nappy-headed, dirty, and cursing! How are they responsible for their behavior? But in ten years, they will be scoffed at just like the rest of the poor for making bad choices! It is an ever-growing cycle.

    One group of people through govt. policy (sometimes misguidedly) tries to help — just as YOU did, Sara.

    Another group, through policy, says basically, do it yourself. Or expect the church to do the helping. That part is what Tracie is saying. We Christians are asleep at the wheel while the culture we are supposed to spice up is hurtling toward oblivion.

    No one here is equivocating on the murder of fetuses (I am bewildered as to what to do election-wise since abortion has been a deal-breaker for me), but I am saying that it is easier for some to rationalize away the effects of abortion because they don’t SEE the act, and easier for some others (not you, Sara) to rationalize away the death and suffering of the poor in America because they don’t SEE it even though it is out in the open. Just in a different neighborhood.

    This is, I think, a lively discussion by Christians who agree on the basic colors and debate the particular shades. I hope no one is upset. I think so highly of the two of you! More people need to have this conversation.

    Comment by maxdaddy | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  15. @sara
    Yes, our minds are all made up, but we can still share what’s on our minds — respectfully, and that’s being done.

    But I will confess, I do get a little bothered by the idea that a Pro-life candidate always trumps one who is pro-choice, nothing else considered. Be supportive of all other kinds of “wickedness”, but as long as you don’t believe in abortion, you’re automatically the best “man” to RUN the country. I used to think that way, too. So, I guess I can’t get too upset.

    There are people who just don’t see a human being, when they think of an unborn child — especially in the early stages of pregnancy. They don’t. I probably wouldn’t either, if I weren’t a Christian.

    Poor folks aren’t being shot — YET. But if you think euthanizing those who are poor isn’t a possibility, then….I’ll just leave it at that. I have nothing to say…except, “Hold on to your hat”, cuz it may be closer to reality, than you think. Again, where’s John’s profession of faith? There are non-Christians, who are pro-life — and they’re still on their way to…hell. That’s a hard truth, but it’s the truth. So, if simply being “pro-life” doesn’t secure your spot in heaven, why should it secure you a spot in the Oval Office? I don’t see it.

    Everything’s not going to “be better” for Americans, simply because McCain is pro-life. That is so myopic, to me.

    It’s all interwoven. You’ve gotta address the conditions that help create the chaos. The women I know who have chosen abortion at sometime in their lives, are not “haters of babies”. Yes, there are women who abort, simply out of a desire not to be strapped down, with babies. But the ones I know deeply regret their decisions, but felt trapped, judged and hopeless, and…abandoned. People do some bad things, under those mental conditions, including “murder”.

    Address the PRACTICAL needs of folks FIRST, which will open the door to addressing their spiritual needs. Hungry people need food, not a Chick tract. After you’ve fed them, then they’re most receptive to “spiritual food”.

    We got troops in Iraq, that don’t need to be there. They’re being…murdered (and are murdering others). Right? For what? For democracy? Of course not. The Iraq War is a lie, and a wicked, dark one, at that. But that’s not as important, cuz at least they (those who’ve died for nothing) were “here” for awhile, right? Okay, I got it.

    Anyhow, I agree to disagree.

    Comment by anappygirl | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  16. and no…I’m not angry at anyone here. I’m angry about the condition of the society we live in. These type of discussions are for the thick-skinned, though.

    Comment by anappygirl | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  17. “it is not primarily the job of government to do the things Christians should be doing, i.e., changing the current culture of destruction. That is the gist of this whole thing.”

    Derrick, this is one of the biggest and first reasons why I began to question a lot of my assumptions back in the mid-90’s. I realized that the need for a government welfare system was a stinging indictment of the Church and its effectiveness at living out God’s love in this country.

    It isn’t the government’s job to do it, but the government has to pick up the slack because Christians aren’t.

    I’d say more, but I’m drafting a post on this very subject.

    Thanks, Wickle. You said it! I was talking to a spiritual giant — in my opinion –Kirk Whalum, and he caused me to think about how I juxtapose my faith and my politics. He made me look at the effectiveness of Christians in the culture and how we are viewed by non-believers. We can be so strident and pharisaical about our beliefs that we simply further segregate ourselves.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to be understanding while not compromising a jot or tittle of the Word.

    Comment by wickle | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  18. Everyone I knew believed Susan Smith to be lying too – black and white – and we live nowhere near the “Bible belt.”

    I’m not talking about the professed faith of either candidate. I certainly am not looking to canonize McCain. I think he’s a tool like most other politicians and if he’s willing to try to stop most abortions for the sake of his own ambition then I think it’s a fair trade off.

    I’m talking about the fact that before a child can have a good life, before a person can be ministered to by anyone, he has to make it out of the womb. Ya can’t keep him safe from abusive parents, corrupt politicians, unjust wars, etc, if he’s dead before he’s born.

    Tracie, I think you have a really good point about how people have a hard time believing something they don’t see. I know I was shocked and amazed to see my baby, who was eight weeks post conception at the time, with his little heart beating and waving his little arms. One thing that FOCA would do is that it would prevent states from showing women who are considering and abortion an ultrasound and from telling them facts about their pregnancies such as gestational age. When the pro-life movement tries to explain what actually, truly, really happens during an abortion, it is called “scare tactics.”

    I am not cut off from reality here: some of the women closest to me have had one or more abortions – and that after they were offered help and support. It makes me sad that some little relatives of mine didn’t make it out alive.

    Yes, Tracie, thick skins and tender hearts.

    Comment by sara | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  19. And Tracie,

    “So, if simply being “pro-life” doesn’t secure your spot in heaven, why should it secure you a spot in the Oval Office?” Are you suggesting that we should only vote for a Christian? Because I don’t see one running.

    Why do you put murder in quotes when you write about abortion? Is it only kinda sorta murder? When someone swings her infant like a weapon, is it only “murder?” Or is it murder? I’m not talking about a lack of compassion for those women, but how can anyone come to repentance with knowledge of the truth?

    Yes, address their physical needs and their spiritual needs. That’ll get harder of course if Obama is in office since he doesn’t support continued federal funding to crisis pregnancy centers. No, Christians don’t need federal money to do what’s right, but it does demonstrate Obama’s heart on this subject. He is not pro-choice – he’s pro-abortion.

    I’m not sure if the Chick tract comment was directed at me, bur for the record, I don’t like Chick Publications and I don’t think I’ve ever given one of their tracts to anyone. The last time I saw those things, they were full of superstition and nonsense.

    Comment by sara | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  20. Sara,
    This is my last comment on this subject. You and I are on different pages, and I can accept that. Because it seems like you’re more likely to “read into” what I’m saying, rather than just read it.

    First off, I never gave any indication that I would/should vote only for a “Christian”. Quite frankly, I think the vast majority of us are so out of touch that we aren’t in a position to be president. That’s a shame.

    Secondly, I’m not gonna answer the “Chick Tract” question, until you answer why you thought my comment might have been directed at you, personally. I’m at a loss, on that one.

    Thirdly, I’m not going into the “murder in quotes” issue, either. If you haven’t gotten that I’m against abortion, and that I consider it murder, I don’t know what to say. I often put things in “” for emphasis. You’re stuck on when the “murder” takes place — I say let’s not murder in the womb, or out of it. Ever heard the term, “Better off dead”. Some folks decide it’s better to be dead, than to “live” in dispair.

    Finally and…lastly
    Yes, both whites and blacks can be racist. But it’s like the difference between a “Smith and Wesson” and an “AK47”. Both are guns. Both shoot. Both kill. But one has more power, can do more damage, quicker and far-reaching. The powers that be have AK47s. The rest of us have Smith and Wessons.

    That’s the difference, that many white folks don’t seem to get.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  21. I meant “despair”.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  22. Hey, Bob! I responded to your comment within it. You can see what I said there. Thanks!

    Comment by maxdaddy | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  23. Yes Tracie, I get that you’re against abortion. I agree with Derrick that we agree on the broad strokes but differ on the details. I wanted to discuss why and how we differ.

    My questions were legit questions just trying to get you to clarify some things I didn’t understand. I believe understanding each other is the point of discussion. I’m not here to be contentious, especially not with a sister.

    Thank you for explaining that you put things in quotes for emphasis; now I understand that.

    I thought that maybe (MAYBE) you were directing the Chick tract reference to me since I believed your comment to be mainly answering my previous comments. You seem now to be saying that I was mistaken – I’m glad.

    I tend to agree with your assertion about the difference in the impact racism can have depending on whether the racist is white or black.

    Comment by sara | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  24. Tracie,

    You wrote. ” Yes, I’m totally not down with Barack on abortion. But that just means the church (me included)is going to have to step up, as far as outreach, discipleship and counseling.”

    How about we (the church) step it up in regards to caring for the living, and let the government legislate laws to abolish the murder of babies. We can’t legislate laws to make people love each other, that is the job of the church. We can make laws to stop murder, that is the job of the government.

    Comment by Jeff S. | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  25. I’m all for the government making laws to stop the murder of babies in the womb. Where we differ is I’m no longer willing to choose a president, based entirely on whether he’s “pro-life” or not. Can’t do that anymore.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  26. […] over at “That New Adage,” has had a number of great posts about why he differs with the Republican party, mostly […]

    Pingback by Playing the “Playing the race card” card « A True Believer’s Blog | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  27. Wow. It’s a shame to have to still fight this battle. So many paid such a terrible price so that we might possibly be free to “just be Americans.” It’s SO not about playing the race card. That is the tiredest of the tired when it comes to shirking the responsibility to call out the sins of our white brothers (as evidenced by the “Obama Buck.” Lord have mercy. “Granddad, I’m sorry that your hopes for us have still been put on hold.”

    Comment by KW | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  28. Derrick – as always it’s a pleasure to read your BLOG and get a dose of reality. I knew nothing about the OBAMA BUCK until I read it here. How sad. And to say that you (the CALI republican) didn’t know it was offensive or racist? Now ya’ just lying.

    I actually expected to read a BLOG about the Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania (old white guy) who called out his district for being predominantly “red-neck” in the past and he wanted to encourage them to NOT let race dictate who they voted for. From what I saw this guy got crushed in the media … and maybe rightfully so for using the ‘redneck’ term. (Like other words – it’s only viewed as appropriate if used from within … an educated and stuffy older white man calling folks redneck just doesn’t sit well.)

    Anyway, I digress. If you take out this guys’ delivery – I think he had (has) a very good point. He was simply encouraging voters in his district to look beyond race (because he knows there are racist people). I was disappointed in how the media treated him AND the issue b/c the press spun him as the judgemental one and the “rednecks” that he represented as the upright and moral ones. Maybe they are upright and moral but I’d bet you my bank account there are racist folks in his district that won’t vote for Obama even if they agree with him – just because he is black.

    My point – racism is everywhere. Just like the stock market, everyone was in denial for so long and now reality has hit. Oh the injustice; government please bail us out because I’ve lost all my paper money and equity. If the past few months doesn’t tell you who really controls government – I think you’ve been sleeping. So in the midst of all THAT, what’s wrong with an elected official (and leader) doing a little leading when it comes to the race issue – regardless of his party, voting record, or beliefs?


    Comment by Bones | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  29. What’s up, MARC!! How’s everything?
    Thanks, man. Good to hear from you.
    Yeah, I think that was John Murtha that said that. His true point was lost in the way he said it.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  30. When we say that we’re “Pro Life”, what does that mean? Is Jesus pro life or pro choice? Could we say that sperm is also a life? Would I be guilty of “involuntary manslaughter” if I had a wet dream? As far as abortion goes, shouldn’t fornication be against the law as well? Should that be depraved indifference? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to get Government to do our Christian discipleship while we just go to church and worship? Doesn’t this really become a big distraction from true discipleship? How long do we fight needless battles?

    Wassup, man. Abortion is an horrendous evil to be sure, but there are others, too, that are as devastating depending on your POV.

    Comment by Jonae | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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