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“Badder Up!”

What are Paula White and Juanita Bynum doing these days? They haven’t been in the news or on tv as much lately. I see Paula every now and then doing her Oprah thing, and I guess Juanita is busy with her make-up line…

One would think that since they are not as visible the Devil has lost and given up.

Nope! Enter this Todd Bentley dude. He is following in their hollowed footsteps and is leaving his own “brand” on the scene. He looks like a biker or a circus performer with more tattoos per square foot than the entire roster of the Denver Nuggets, and more piercings than a dartboard in a bar somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen.

And as striking as is his appearance, his “teachings” are more disturbing.

His crusades from down in Florida (Why is it always Florida?) are always on, and his misled followers seem so sincere and emotional.

Just the other day, I saw this one guy — he was Asian. I don’t know his name — doing the Benny Hinn thing — laying folks out in a phoney display of “the Power of the Holy Spirit,” and he began telling this story.

They all have stories about what happened somewhere else. (2Peter 2:3) “In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.” Do none of the attendees recall this passage? Read all of 2Peter 2.

So, the “handlers” walk the next pawn up to the speaker, telling him — and us — that this man has been suffering from a bad back since a 1974 car accident. He has metal rods in his back and cannot walk straight and is in constant pain.

But now, praise tha lawd, he is better!

The barker, I mean, speaker shoves the mike under the mark’s chin for further elaboration… “I been in constant pain since ’74, but since I been coming to the meetings for the past few days, I can feel the power of the ‘anointing’ flowing through me, hallelujah!”

The handler intones, “Pastor, he says he’s 70 to 80 percent healed!”

As though this is some indication of the great and marvelous power of God!! No one seems to react as incredulously as I did! Can’t God heal all the way?!? Does He work in installments? Like buying a couch? Did the man Jesus healed take up his mat and LIMP away? Did the woman with the twelve-year bleeding problem leave Jesus with minor spotting? Did the blind man He healed need glasses? What’s UP with these folks?!? I mean, you don’t even have to know the Bible verse by verse to deal with these con men!

And that’s not all…

The speaker began to tell his story.

“I was in China just last weekend, and Saturday, this woman came up to me. She had a broken leg, and it was in such bad shape that they put a titanium rod in it, and she couldn’t bend it or move it or anything. Ohh, the anointing is so strong on me right now! She couldn’t do anything with that leg, and I tell ya, right before our eyes, the Lord melted that titanium rod and healed that leg just like new, and she jumped and danced all over the place!”

The crowd cheered in childlike anticipation, eating it all up like Apple Jacks.

“That same anointing is on me right now,” he said as he turned to the mark. “I feel the pow’r of GOD!!” He slapped the man on his forehead, and those handlers proceeded to — ever so gently, since he was only 70 to 80 percent healed — lay him out on his back softly on the floor.

And that’s the last we saw of him. Only his friends and family are there to see that he was not healed, just taken. Used.

My thing is this: For weeks now, everything Bentley and his cronies have been doing has been televised. Every “miracle” has been logged on video. Cameras are everywhere! If this is true, somebody tell me why there was no video of a woman having a titanium rod dissolved inside her leg in front of a multitude just this past Saturday?!?! We saw this dude with his bad back partially healed on video, we see four and five hour commercial-free healing crusades, but nobody has a camera to catch this great miracle.

I saw cellphone video showing Beyonce trip and fall off stage in Japan somewhere, I heard Obama talking about folks clinging to God and guns in some hotel conference room in San Francisco, Marion Barry was caught on camera smoking crack, I saw Paris Hilton use a racial slur at a house party, I’m sure there is some YouTube footage of Britney Spears scratching her butt in a truck stop bathroom, but someone rises up from the dead, or someone gets a long-broken leg healed and it’s aways somewhere else! There is always some story about some fabulous miracle that the television audience just missed! “Y’all should’a been there!”  No cell phones, no cameras, no verification. Yet the masses are always teeming like grunion on the beach, begging to be devoured, carcasses left rotting in the sun, of no more use to these emissaries of Satan.

Until the Lord mops all this business up, we will never be rid of the lying storytellers who prey on the unaware. If Paula falls, someone else will get up. If Creflo is toppled, another will be built up. Juanita will probably live through another ice age…

But, (2 Peter, 2:13) “they will be paid back with harm for the harm they have done.”


June 26, 2008 - Posted by | Benny Hinn, Charlatans, Christ, Christianity, Faith Healer, False Doctrine, False Teachers, Florida Healing Outpouring, Juanita Bynum, Oprah, Paula White, Prosperity Gospel, Todd Bentley


  1. Good post Derrick. Most (if not all) of the vipers in the black charismatic church have never even heard of Todd Bentley and his demonic circus going on down in Lakeland (they’re too busy skinning their own sheep to notice, I guess).

    Now that Bentley is raking in the dough, you’ll probably start to see old Todd popping up at The Potters House, New Birth, or any other mega club church across the USA.

    This guy is dangerous to the naive because he is being used by Satan to decieve the sheep. We are seeing the apostasy that Jesus and the Apostles forewarned of…

    Comment by speaking truth | June 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. great post. I am always amazed at the blind trust people give others. The saddest part is not that this person is leading, but that people are actually following him. To me any leader is only as strong as his army. (cue the cheesy inspirational music) I harken back to the great Kevin Costner (cough, cough) movie Robin Hood Prince of Theives in which he says, “one man defending his home is stronger than ten hired soldiers.”

    Todd Bentley, like those before him, will fall and deal with the addiction of sin; but what happens to his followers? What happens to the thousands of hired men who were loured in by their eyes and emotions? That’s the sad part. They are the casualties of war on Bentley’s soul.

    Comment by bob | July 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Somethin’ about “Florida”, ain’t it? Isn’t that where the “Holy Laughter” crusades started? I may be wrong, but seems like Florida was in the mix, heavy. What is that?

    I don’t know WHAT happened to Eddie Long. He wasn’t always what he is now. But when he hooked up with The Baal Network (TBN), he took off…into madness.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  4. Folks – Bentley has fled Florida but will return. ABC’s “Nightline” did a story on how he can’t document any of the healings that he claims, and how he has no biblical training (like we needed them to confirm what God’s Word says about the sons of darkness). There is even an article from a man who brought his ill child to Bentley, and was dissappointed by what he saw and experienced (again, no surprise there).

    While this makes me extremely angry and righteously indignant, I must remember that this is the unfolding of prophesy that Christ Himself gave us in Matthew 24.

    Comment by speaking truth | July 17, 2008 | Reply

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