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For Unto US (Kathy and Me) a Child is Born

Diana, our new daughter, was born on Good Friday! She weighed nine pounds and one ounce, and was 21 1/2 inches long. Even though she was in pickle juice for nine months, she is beautiful. (She looks like the little “Ice Age” baby) Kathy was basically in labor from Wednesday on, and we went to the hospital at 4:45 AM. Diana was born by c-section at eight PM!

Many beautiful things happened, but as I am just getting home and getting adjusted to the exponential increase in work and DEcrease in sleep, I will have to write about it all in detail in a day or so.

You can see pictures of the process at my friend and churchmember, the great photographer Lisa Thomas, has chronicled our experience.


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  1. Hi Derrick,

    Congratulations to you and your lovely wife! May God continue to bless the Williams family!!


    Comment by Phil Naessens | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Congratulations!!!! How wonderful for you all. God bless! And take care of Kathy!

    Comment by Katherine | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. Congratulations!

    Comment by wickle | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. Welcome to the world, little Diana! May you be blessed.

    Comment by missy | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. Oh Derrick,

    I just popped over to see the pictures and I was moved to tears. How beautiful she is! And Kathy too. She looked so good! I loved the pic of big bro and little sis meeting for the first time.

    Thank you SO much for allowing us to see such intimate and special pictures of you all.


    Comment by missy | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thanks, all of you!

    Comment by maxdaddy | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  7. Congrats to you and your family, Derrick!! God bless and keep you all.

    Thanks, Yomi!

    Comment by Yomi Adegboye | March 26, 2008 | Reply

  8. Congratulation Derrick and Kathy. That is healthy big girl, thank God.

    Thank you, Ann. Yeah, she’s big! Five ounces lighter than Max was, and a half inch longer!

    Comment by Ann Brock | March 26, 2008 | Reply

  9. Hey little “Diana”!
    God has blessed you with some awesome parents!

    Blessings Derrick and Kathy!

    Heyyy, Tracie!! I was wonderin’ where you been…! (did you see the pics?) We thank you!
    Derrick and Kathy.

    Comment by ANappyGirl | March 27, 2008 | Reply

  10. You guys are ALL too much! Friends we will never meet… But friends nevertheless! God bless you.

    Comment by maxdaddy | March 27, 2008 | Reply

  11. I’m here, just…BUSY! You never know, Derrick — you may meet some of us, before it’s all said and done!

    Comment by ANappyGirl | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  12. Oh! I forgot — of COURSE I saw the pics! I left a comment over there too!

    Comment by ANappyGirl | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  13. Congratulations Derrick! I can’t believe I saw you just this weekend, and forgot to tell you that! Diana is beautiful and very lucky to have such wonderful parents.

    I hope you’re managing to get some sleep …

    Comment by Dan | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  14. Congratulations!

    Comment by sara | May 15, 2008 | Reply

  15. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Sara! So glad to hear from you! Thanx!

    Comment by maxdaddy | May 15, 2008 | Reply

  16. […] this was a good time for me and my daughter.  Ashlyn was supposed to go with her BFF Diana, but it didn’t work out.  We’ll just have to go and give some moral support when Diana […]

    Pingback by Ashlyn…Life Lesson #1 « Heather L. Trotter: wife.mother.daughter.sister.aunt.friend | November 22, 2008 | Reply

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