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“Daddy, when will racism be over?”

“Racism will be over, Son, when cartoons hire black people to do the black voices instead of using white guys to put bass in their voices and butcher the way they think we talk.”

see: “The Simpsons”, “King of the Hill”, “Family Guy”.

February 14, 2008 - Posted by | Humor, Race, Racial Reconciliation, Racism, Stereotypes, Television


  1. THAT HAS GRATED MY NERVES FOR THE LONGEST!!! I thought I was the only guy that thought that was utterly ridiculous. ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ fans condemn ‘South Park’ for being too crass but at least they hired Issac Hayes to be the black guy. I looked at the black created/produced ‘The Boondocks’ under the same micro scope and while some highly ancillary white characters are voiced by black crew members, Tom’s white wife is voiced a white woman and even Jazmine the biracial girl is played by a biracial girl! They(FOX) gotz to do better!

    I be gone writes a letta, let dem jiiiive turkeys no dat we ain’ be likin’ dat stuff!

    Comment by Rick T | February 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Okay, I had NO idea. I am one uneducated white girl when it comes to this stuff, I guess. I even watch these shows!! It really doesn’t make any sense, does it?? I feel like I should apologize on their behalf or something. ūüė¶

    I love the shows. It’s just one of those things I have to overlook.
    No need for you to apologize, tho.
    How you guys doing, by the way?

    Comment by missy | February 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. I don’t know if this is related or not and not to make you the spokesman for black people everywhere, but I have a question: What do you think of the appropriation by whites of certain “black” phrases or mannerisms – especially if it is NOT meant offensively.

    I don’t even know if I can give an example without speaking in generalities that might be construed as racist or uninformed but I’ll try: On my blog today, I almost wrote the phrase “what the dillio?” and decided not to because I didn’t want to inadvertently give offense to anyone. I’m not even sure where the expression comes from. But to me it is means, “What’s the deal?” or “What’s up with that?” or more correctly, “Why is that?”

    I’m don’t think your use of that term is offensive at all. You “exegeted” it correctly! ūüôā “What’s the deal, Yo?”

    As far as the use of certain slang terms… I think that it goes to the truth of the fact that a lot of the stuff we do is seen as cool enough to become appropriated into the lexicon. Imitation is, generally, flattery.
    I think there is an almost undiscernible sense in whic you can tell if someone is using slang to fit it, or if it is just who they are. The offense, I think, lies in the sincerity… Thanx for always reading, and for trying to understand!

    Comment by sara | February 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. While on the topic of TV, I must confess that the FOOD channel is one of my favorite channels on TV and I no longer watch cartoons. But as my wife can testify – I have complained for years of the LACK of diversity on the FOOD network. My complaints have less to do with DIVERSITY of race and more to do simply with DIVERSITY of cuisine. To be blunt – I ask myself: how many white cooking shows can you have without repeating the same stuff over and over? To push this way over the top … I already know how to cook “white” food but cuisine is one of those topics where if we really stop and think about it, is significantly impacted by culture and race. And we should celebrate that not ignore it. So why are there only white cooking shows? (There was a latin-cooking show at one point .. but you had to watch at some strange hour just to see it.)

    Well I’m happy to say that the Neeyls (from Memphis) now have a cooking show on the FOOD channel. ( It’s about time. My only complaint is that it air’s on Saturday’s at 11AM vice in prime time between dinner hours and bedtime. I can think of several shows I could replace during the week with the Neelys (and I told the FOOD channel the same thing). I hope the show does well.


    Thanx, Marc! I meant to tell you, you’re a brilliant dude!

    Comment by Bones | February 19, 2008 | Reply

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