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“In the Money-Green Corner… Juanitaaaaa Byyyyyynummmm!”

 Watch the video, and come back and read my comments.

Now, didn’t this sound like the intro to a champeenship fight?

I saw this while watching her show on tv, and it is my understanding that it is on her own website as well. Where is any semblance, any modicum, any crumb of humility? As we say around the way: She is a mess wit’ herself! There should be no further question as to her true character and motives now.

I mean, I understand that in business, there is a need for some self-promotion, but even in non-Christian related ventures, this would come across as arrogant! I think the word “God” was mentioned twice. This wasn’t just a little bit over the line, this was two minutes and fifty-four seconds of supercilious pride and haughtiness that would make Terrell Owens turn the channel.

Donald Trump was like, “C’mon. Juanita. That’s a bit much.”

Some Quotes;

She “cries loud” all right! All that yellin’ scared me and flashed me back to my childhood! I thought somebody was gittin’ a whuppin’ in the back room and I was next! Spare me!

“A tangible anointing.” Will someone pleeeze tell me what that is?

“The prophetess to the nations!” Says who? She profits from the nations! Yellin’ loud don’t make you a prophet!

“She’s an awful — Oh. Did he say ‘awesome’? — teacher who delivers God’s Word with ‘boldness and authority!’ “ Yeah, but how about accuracy?!?

Her ministry has been MARRED, not “marked with signs and wonders.” I remember seeing her once say to a vast, gullible throng something like, “Man! I wish y’all could see what I see! There’s angels and spirits flyin’ all around here! They ate that stuff up like it was Bluebell Homemade Vanilla!

“Bestselling author…, popular television personality (who) causes ratings to soar…, humanitarian…, a national ‘recarding’ artist (sorry, I don’t get that singing thing. SouljaBoy went platinum, too. The emperor has no clothes on, folks.)…, executive producer…, playwright, and powerful actress(!!!).” Okay, I was going to protest the “powerful actress” part, but as I think about it, that is pretty much all she does, based on comparing her demeanor and content to the actual Bible.

“Businesswoman, entrepreneur, blah blah blahblahblahblah…”

Y’all catch how they showed the one White woman in the crowd when the “promoter” mentioned “crossing denominational lines?!?” Now, THAT was some slick, subtle editing, there!!

She’s going to have a show (200 seats!), a radio show, a reality show, a magazine, a spa, some candles, some tea, and some make-up! She’s doin’ it BIG!

Let me axyou something, Miss Profitess: What about Jesus? What you gone do for Jesus? What big thangs is HE doing? Where is He in all of this, since you have folk thinking that He is your primary focus? All I see is you strutting and preening like a peacock back and forth across the stage. I only see pictures of your beautifully reconstructed face, not a picture of Christ in your carriage. All I see are your products. Your tea, and your make-up, and your magazine. All I see is YOU. Yet, you claim to be doing strictly the Lord’s work.

David boasted. But he boasted on the LORD! Because of him and those like him, we know of how great GOD is, how strong and mighty HE is, how matchless HE is, how wonderful, loving, just, merciful, beautiful, HE is. (Although, I would say that it is acts like yours that show us how long-suffering and patient he is!)

What about Jesus? Can we see Him doing this? Even though He has a right to?

Can we picture Peter saying on Good Friday,

“Ladeeees annnd gennnnelmen… Arrrre yooooou redddy for STAR time?!? Git up on yo’ feet an’ giveitup! He was rich, an’ gaveitup for YOU! From the town of Nazareth, by way of On Hiiiiigh… Commmin’ to you straight from the right hand of The Father HisSelf… He healed the sick, He raised tha DEAD!… Cured lep-ra-see! He fixed crooked legs an’ blinded eyes, He fed tha multitudes wit’ five loaves a’ lightbread an’ two cans a’ Jack Mack!… He ran off demons… He’s performed in Galilee, Jerusalem, an’ is comin’ to a hillside near YOU!… Some know Him as the Firstborn, the Bright an Mownin’ Star, The Son o’ Mannnnn, THE Angel of the LORD, E-Man-U-EL, YOU call ‘Im Saavyuh, I call ‘Im Friend, Howbouta grett big handclap ‘a’ praise… ridin’ on a thurrabred Arabian stallion, wearin’ the purple linen robes of pride an’ exaltation… Y’all giveitup… for Jeeeeesus!!!!!

(Sorry, Lord. I’m just trying to make a point…)

I don’t think so, yet you, Bynum, are bold enough to sell yourself in such a brazen, arrogant fashion while riding on the Lord’s back as though He were your pack mule, your opening act!

 I’m glad you let us see your real mission!

You must’ve sent one of your armor-bearers out to get your sheep outfit cleaned when they cut this promo… Would that Creflo, Paula, T.D., Copeland and the rest do the same.

I guess we have to learn the Bible to peep their game. I wish we all would. That is all I am saying. “No More Sheeps”, people.

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  1. What I got, after watching the video? It’s ALL about HER!! How great SHE is. How “anointed” SHE is.

    Now, with ALL that money she’s got floatin’ around — like those “angels and spirits” only she could see — you would think she would NOT have been asking folks to pay for a “prayer floor” at her ministry headquarters, home or wherever it was.

    She’s slick, most definately. She doesn’t miss a beat. No humility. No inclination to step back, look at her life and history of “pimpetry”, and REPENT!

    She’s gonna get married AGAIN…watch

    Comment by ANappyGirl | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. ME,ME,ME it’s all about me. That is what I got.

    Comment by Ann Brock | January 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yep. Right, guys! It’s all about her.

    And, yeah, she probably will get married again. Though I can’t see who would do it! I couldn’t be married to a banshee myself.

    Comment by maxdaddy | January 19, 2008 | Reply

  4. Don’t let Steve Harvey get hold of that satirical intro of Jesus. He did one that was not very far from what you made up but he thought Jesus was pleased. I think I’ll start spouting non-sense at the top of my lungs to to either dupe people to pay me or scare them to pay me. It may not be in this physical life but she will pay for this mess.

    Comment by Rick T | January 20, 2008 | Reply

  5. Amen, Rick!

    Comment by maxdaddy | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thank you! As a Pentecostal “rookie”, my discernment is in its infancy but THIS I coulda called from a mile away with blinders on! *wink*

    Beth, I appreciate it. Yeah, even a baby Christian could see this is not about God. I’m frankly surprised she did it.

    Comment by Beth/Mom2TwoVikings | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  7. You know … anything I was going to say is probably made superfluous by:

    Donald Trump was like, “C’mon. Juanita. That’s a bit much.”

    … I nearly fell over laughing at that one. And it’s so true.

    I do have to ask, though, what’s with the “Christian” cosmetics?

    Thanx for the laugh.

    I don’t know, Wickle. It was my understanding that when she first got big, she said that she would not wear make-up and dress flamboyantly. She has cast all that aside. I just get the feeling she is using all this to acquire more wealth for herself. Maybe to buy more of those $5000 pens she likes so much…

    Comment by wickle | January 21, 2008 | Reply

  8. I dont understand christianity in America.Why do they get divorce..what is important family, church or what are they after in the first place..Guys you make me confused..Why do people still listen to them when they are not good role models…anyone can do miracles..even the devil does..But you shall know them by their fruis?

    Comment by JOHN | January 23, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by mattia gaunichaux | January 26, 2008 | Reply

  10. I am a Christain now but I was an athetist.
    There are many things I’m still learning about but
    after reading these comments. Did anyone stop
    and begin to pray on behalf of these people?
    Yes, we will know them by their fruit but love
    covers a multitude of sins. Also, if we each
    that the log out of our own eye we will see more
    clearly and if God didn’t have us to speak about
    these things we will bow our knee to Him and give an
    account. The news media does not always tell things
    in the way they happen or they put their spin on
    things. Either way you looks at it we need to pray
    for her and her x husband if he is her x. I’m still
    not sure of the whole story.

    I’m so glad to know that you’re a Christian.
    Prayer and rebuke are not mutually exclusive.
    The video is her own production, and is self-explanatory.

    Comment by cynthia.ntiappiah | January 27, 2008 | Reply

  11. I’ve attended as visitor to the Bynum church. And though I understand what you are feeling, please read on. As believers we are commanded to pray. Those who are the believers , the body of Christ, epecially. When the Shepard is struck the flock will scatter. It is God’s business to judge. It’s ours to discern what is happening and rather than to do what is natural and that is to condemn and wish ill will on those who seem to prosper off of our hard work, to pray instead. God says, “touch none of Mine annointed.” I will not dare to speak one word against God’s annointed lest He strike me too! There is a fine line, and yes we want to rant and rave (it’s a human thing to be angry when someone uses the things of God to their advantage, and I understand your point about God got lost somewhere in between hello and goodbye, but let us instead be held to a higher law of power, if we are governed by that same grace that redeemed us in our sinful state and petition God that He should have mercy instead). God’s judgment is swift and difficult when we are hurting His cause, so if you feel that it’s unfair that God’s ministers seem to get away with these things right under His nose, be confident that He sees all. But be humble as well, so that you are not also condemned for being haughty for knowing and discerning the work of man here and making it evident before the whole world and being blashphemous in the process. Let God manage this. And do not rejoice when God’s people are punished. Only an evil heart rejoices. Be careful of your response for this a gentle rebuke. Be very silent before God. And listen as He surrounds you. Yes, He is An Awesome God, full of mercy, full of longsuffering, full of Grace. He is the Almighty God from beginning to end. He IS. Do not forget the same hand that redeemed you, is the same hand that holds the line to His annointed.

    Renee’, I thank you for the kind tone you used in your comment.
    I agree that we are commanded to pray. For everyone. However, as I stated to an earlier poster, prayer and rebuke are not mutually exclusive. We are also commanded to call out those who abuse the children of God! I am not sinning by caling out her false teaching and self-promotion.

    Please understand the proper meaning and context of the oft-used, “Touch not mine anointed” line. It has NOTHING to do with calling out false teachers! I wish that we could once and for all abolish the mis-interpretation of that one phrase.

    One question: WHO SAID JUANITA BYNUM WAS ANOINTED ANYWAY? It is surely not evident in her numerous false prophecies and shilling for TBN! Telling folks to empty out their bank accounts!
    Just because she speaks loudly and talks fast and strings words together seamlessly doesn’t make her ordained by God. Just because she makes a lot of money selling DVD’s and is much sought-after doesn’t make her a prophetess.

    I am not yelling or being disrespectful here. I am just through with sitting idly while people are being led astray by false “teachers”.

    I am not being arrogant and prideful, either. I am fully aware of the need for humility, and I can be criticized when needed. God uses US to manage many of His operations down here, and while I DO hope her ministry either changes or falls, I am careful not to rejoice in her trevails.

    Were you speaking of an orthodox teacher, and were I wrongly critical of him, I would readily accept your rebuke. God bless you for your manner and tone. I just think you are wrong in believing Bynum to be preaching from the lips of God.

    Comment by Renee' | January 27, 2008 | Reply



    No. Wait. Who said anything on THIS post about their marital situation? I have in the past, but what I need you to do is to watch the video, and comment on IT.

    How is IT Godly? Please take the time to read my other comments, too.

    And I am not claiming to be God by pointing out false doctrine, either.
    Whether or not she is a sister in Christ is not shown in any way by her fruit, either!

    Comment by shontae | January 31, 2008 | Reply

  13. you know that i really hope that you guys are not christians because GOD has spoken in his word that you do not slander his anointed and if she is doing anything wrong the heavenly ALMIGHTY GOD WILL CHASTEN THOSE HE LOVES CAUSE HE LOVES ALL REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

    Comment by blessed1 | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  14. Okay.
    I can’t believe that you hope I’m NOT a Christian.
    No, the Bible does NOT say that! Not the way you, and they, twist it. Would you please, please read that passage, IN CONTEXT, and tell me where it says what you say it says.

    And will you please tell me where it addresses what is in the video…

    Who is claiming to be without sin? Who say that you must be before you rebuke those who slander the Faith?
    Would you please read 2 Peter 2.
    Once again, we, as Christians, are supposed to try to protect the body from wolves.

    What I would hope this would cause you to do is read, and properly interpret(rightly divide) the Word of Truth! I am not just slamming Bynum and the others! They need correction, and as God is not going to materialize from the sky just to do that, He has commamded us to.


    Comment by maxdaddy | February 8, 2008 | Reply

  15. I love Juanita Bynum but I think she is off track.. I´m praying for her.

    Comment by Martin | February 9, 2008 | Reply

  16. Here we go…

    I really wish people would learn the Word of God, and quit spouting emotion and wrongly dividing The Word. Please people. For the love of all that’s good, righteous and HOLY. A bible, a concordance and a lexicon are tools all Christians should have. TBN should be avoided, for the most part. Study, or don’t. It’s your choice.

    But don’t try and use scripture in the wrong context, to try and rebuke those of us who care about doctrine. It’s a slippery slope, and the Word of God, used in the right context, will prevail OVER emotion and the wrong word, in the wrong context. That’s just…wrong.

    “Anointing” does not remove accountability. Show me that in the bible, and I’ll believe it. And no, we are NOT to “just pray for them”. We are to confront and challenge them — and compel them to REPENT!!! We are to expose false teachings and heresy, at the root.

    There’s tremendous responsibility that comes with being a leader. Yet, everyone wants to run to the “spotlight”, because it’s a position of “glory”, as long as those in awe are kept blind, dumb and biblically illiterate. But as soon as someone says, “Wait a minute. That doesn’t line up with God’s Word. Align yourself, or sit down”, then folks wanna come out with “Touch not God’s anointed…!!!”. Is that the ONLY scripture heresy lovers can use — completely out of context?

    Whenever you hear a verse quoted in excess (like Psalm 105:15), it’s usually not in the right context. Count on it. Somebody’s heard it quoted, and decided it sounded good and ran with it — without taking the time to find out who said it (or even if it was said — it says NOWHERE in the bible, that “God helps those who help themselves”, but I’ve heard many tack it on the end of, “Like the bible says…”), when was it said, who the person was talking to, and under what circumstances. That’s sloppy.

    We’re more concerned about human beings being “slandered”, while GOD is…SLANDERED and BLASPHEMED, and minimized. That should make your hair stand on end! Too many of us are lovers of men, and we…”like” God.

    Okay. I’m done.

    WOW! I ain’t gotta say NOTHIN’ after that!! That’s some PREACHIN’! (If they let women preach 🙂 )
    Ain’t nothin’ like Christians having each other’s backs!
    You said it all, my sustah! CONTEXT, CONTEXT.

    Comment by anappygirl | February 9, 2008 | Reply

  17. prays be to the father first. we all are ready to cast a stone but yet never look into our trash can to clean it out. prays be to the father that so many men, women and children was in the temple praising god and god is using her as a vessele any means nassasary. see i have had the chance to know her in her first walk with god. i would see her come to chuch humble giving no mind to anyone else and praising god to the fulness. i have seen her enter a bar that we all was in serving satin and the love that she had for the lord and us, she stoud tall with her strong voice and start giving god the praise over the whole bar right then souls came to christ, she did not see me but as i watched with so much amazement and i seen the fear over the man that owned, the bar the fear in his eyes, the fear of god he closed the bar down so fast by 11pm the doors was closed. this women deserves the best that god has given her for i have seen her tears, pain, hurts, cries and through it all her eyes has been on christ and nothing else. what im saying we all act like we are so perfect in christ and we all forget to say thank you lord for blessings out loud for the world to hear but in our sprits we say thank you none stop. lifting our hands is giving god praise, point blank i must get real with tough love. jesus was perfect in all things yet a sprit in man slanderd him, judge, laughed, slapped, stomped, and killed him all over envey and hate. you know deep down in you soul the lord would not let so many put down his sheep that he is using to bring so many back to him and beleaving in him again. pray for her and all that she has to face in this walk for there is so many that is letting satin blind there eyes with small things of defeat, but i know the strong women she is in god and for him she will take the abuse for all she wants to here is well done my good and faithful servent. the more you try the stronger she gets in god, how do i know? cause she is a child of god and my holy sister in christ. i feel sorry for all those who judge for god said he is the only judge and judgie, for he is the beginning and end, for there is no other god but me, so please stop tring to be something your not, get your house in order pray for all those that is in ministry of leadership. look into your trash can and clean it out for if you dont trust me after awhile so much junk gets around you where you cant even move anymore and the smell wow thats bad, how can i say that, while i had to empty mine and still empties it so the trash truck can take it away for me not to see our deal with it anymore. i love that my house can be in order [my temple me] and i pray to always keep it that way, maybe you all need to do the same. confusion starts from what you see and here in the begining, what motive in the heart was this page prasented and how many did it make fall of gossip. sin is sin no big our small in gods eyes it all the same. read matthew 2;36 and matthew 5 for we all need to be peacemakers, for this is the true answer and this is how we are to walk daily. there is so much we have to correct in our lives and know one can go to heaven our hell for me or us but ourselves. why take a chance to stubble, its not worth losings my place in the kingdom of heaven. the lord gives us the since on right and wrong before you write our print something think, how are people going to take it and would it make them fall in sin, do i wont to be apart of that and now how can i change it. my sisters and brothers if you get afinded by what i had to say, sorry but i must be real in christ. no one deserve pain, god is full of love just think just as the lord has giving me to find this website, by pushing a button she could of found it too and if it hurt my sprit,soul and heart look what it could of done to her. stop looking at a women and look at what god is doing through that women so many souls has came back home to christ rejoice we shell give god the praise and lord we shell stand by your servent for when her foot slips we will grap her and hold her strong for she is bringing thousands home to you and we barly bring in 20 people a year. read james 3;1-12 matter of fact read all of james for it is an alsome conformation on deliverance. love and blessings always, dianatha henderson [ always use your name for walking in god you should never be ashamed] peace be unto you.

    “But, God! Look at all this stuff I did for You! I cast out demons! I spoke into people’s situations! I empowered so many lost, abused women! What about all that? I started domestic abuse shelters, I sold millions of dvd’s! I was highly in demand! I was a popular evangelist! I spoke with boldness and authority! What about all that?!?”

    “You left your first love. Depart from Me. Matter of fact, who are you? Be ye thrown into outer darkness! I’m sorry. The glory you got on Earth is all you get.”

    Why don’t you read 2Peter 2. I’ll re-read the passages you gave me, but you need to address how all her false prophesying and self-promotion glorify God.

    Comment by dianatha | February 10, 2008 | Reply

  18. but yet my sista who are we to judge. it is not are place to see or judge no one. if all of these things was done and it benifets the glory of god who are we to be upset or cause false staments. who are we to act like are life is so clean and perfect. she is humon gods given women, no other was perfect but jesus and there will be no other perfect person. i thank god for all that i have been through and is going through, i thank god she called out my name in the mist of the croud and told me i am loved by god, that he has a calling on my life and i cannot run away even though i was tring. for as knowing her she did not lie about her life, she is not sladering god no way and how, i read what you ask me to read for everything is wisdom and reading the whole book of 2 peter god has not shown me what you seen but maybe that is what god is giving you to see only he knows my sister. anytime gods children is looking to the high most to feel his grace and mercy, to fall on there knees and praise him is good. thay are not saying juanita we praise you for you are worthy there cring to the holy one. self- promotion well i have seen her take in the drug addicts, she has giving her blessings to help others and truly all that she is recieving is from god. when we work a nine to five job how many times do we take those blessings and feed a starving child on the street, do we give a homeless person a blanket to keep warm, do we help a family that is going through so much but yet we turn our face and just say god bless them yet he put them in our path to do all of these things. as well as i am talking to you i am talking to myself for i want to do all that i can to please the lord and his children. for a better confermation my sister you have leadership and that is you paster. if know shame is upon what has been said god has giving him or her the answer on the situation of this matter let him see what has been done, now i must leave it alone and give it to god. if i have afinded you an anyway forgive me, to me positivity is the key to all things and my life is not a prayer book. like i said i have my own trash daily to throw out and so i must keep my sister in prayer only god knows her heart and all i see is his childern comming home too praise god. her past is dead god forgave all along time ago so who are we not to forgive and forget “nobody”. as women of god we should ask for forgiveness daily i do every day and night for sometimes we might hurt someone without knowledge and that i never wont to do. i have my beliefs as well as you, as long as we beleave in christ and he is our life thats all that matters my sista. i must close this for thy will is done, pray for me as i pray for you my sista in christ, dianatha henderson

    Wow. This is awkward… Uhhh, I’m not your sista. I’m your brotha. maxDADDY.
    I’m not angry, either. Though I AM slightly frustrated that the SAME defenses arise at times like these. We ARE to judge. Judge by a RIGHT standard. No one seems to know that!

    I can’t believe you didn’t see from 2 Peter 2 that false prophets, and arrogant teachers are identified. Bynum is one based on her OWN unfulfilled prophecies and arrogance. We are told to beware false teachers in Scripture, and to be prepared at all times to defend the faith. How can we do that if we don’t make judgements as to who is prostituting the faith? We ALL judge. But we can’t predict the future and judge someone’s final destination.

    What we CAN do, is say that if a person demonstrates him or her self to be preaching another gospel, if they remain on that path, Hell awaits them. I hope Bynum gets saved and gets off TBN and stops double-dog-daring poor folk to empty their bank accounts and send the money to unGodly ministries!

    Of course I am not perfect, and I challenge you to show me where God said a person had to be perfect to defend Christianity from greedy wolves. I am NOT, however, being a hypocrite (which is what that oft mis-interpreted passage means) by stealing money from people and giving them fake hope in return!

    This particular post was about the VIDEO. I have yet to have someone look at it and defend the contents.

    You have only offended me by thinking I was a woman. 🙂

    God Bless. maxDADDY.

    Oh. I see… Maybe you were responding to anappygirl…

    Comment by dianatha | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  19. gods final confomations that he has given to me, i pray thay help all in jesus name amen: matthew 18;15-35, 22;34-40, 28;16-20 mark 7-all, 9;42-50, luke 6;17-41, 7;36-50, 11;1-13, 12;49-59, john 8;42-47, 9;35-41, 10;all, 17;20-26, acts 2;all, romans 5;all, 12;all, 13;all, 14;all, 15;all, 1 corinthians 3;all, 11;all, 13;all, galatians 6;all, ephesians 5;all, philippians 3;all, 1 thessalonians 4;all, timothy; [the whole testamony 1 and 2], james; [the whole testamony], 1 and 2 peter; [the whole testamony], and last great testamony revelation 12;all, 20;all, and 22;all. yes it is alot but god words from his son tells us all that we need to follow in his will. this is what makes me strong and i pray it do the same for anyone who falls under the lords will. peace to all and may god bless in all things that is of him never man [for thats what we all are, peace my brothers and sister] pray for me and my children, pray for more peace,love, wisdom, and understanding, give god praise always. love, dianatha henderson


    Comment by dianatha | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  20. sorry my brother i made a big mastake of saying my sista. far as a challange that i do not due. all i know is god said he is thy judge and i myself shell never have a part. all i can say is pray, pray for guidence for everyone on this earth. wishing well my brother and to be honest we all do not judge, only myself to keep my walk in christ that is enough for me to handle alone by itself. dianatha

    Comment by dianatha | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  21. Let me ask you one last thing, Dianatha, not from anger:

    Do you read the Bible, or do you just look at the words? Do you know what God meant when He said He was our judge? Are you saying that we cannot have ANY opinion about an action of ANY person at ANY time?

    Do you interpret what you read? How do you JUDGE Bynum to be a sound teacher? What right do you have to claim her to be good? It sounds as though you want to hide in your prayer closet and let God sort out all the problems in the world. Prayer is beautiful, but at some point, we must be in motion.

    You threw up a lot of verses for me to read. It looks as though you get wht YOU want from what you read and ignore the passages which say to DO otherwise — like with the passage I gave YOU.
    It is my PRAYER that those who read what I write will not hate Bynum, but will turn to Scripture and learn to stay away from false teachers. I PRAY that you will see that there is not just peace and positivity in the world, but evil, too, and that we as the body of Christ have a job to do in confronting it. With the help of God.

    Comment by maxdaddy | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  22. Would i be wrong to say i found this both heart-wrenching and hilarious?

    Nope! It is a soory thing to see, but I tried to inject some humor to reflect how ridiculous the whole thing was.


    Comment by LK | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  23. The trouble with these type of “touch not!” comments is that they are ALWAYS unbalanced. MANY Christians believe that you’re NEVAH to confront, rebuke or question. Just pray. Why is that? Yes, there are those who don’t do it in the right spirit, but that’s a problem with people, not the principle. The principle is good.

    It’s always an issue about nobody being “perfect”. That’s a copout. Perfection is not a requirement for challenging another. Paul, who called himself a “chief sinner”, rebuked, challenged and called out folks for their ungodliness. So, what would you have said to him? We are contenders for the faith.

    Again, read the bible and get the WHOLE counsel of God’s Word. Balance is of God. Too many of us are not balanced in our theology, which makes us open to deception and defeat.
    The enemy of our souls doesn’t need our “sympathy”. He goes for the jugular, and he isn’t concerned about us bleeding to death.

    So, when we address heresy, it’s not a “warm and fuzzy” feeling we’re tryna create. Yes, love the people, but a “rebuke” by nature, is not “gentle”. It hurts, and it’s meant to get the attention of the offending party. It’s sharp.

    There’s a time to be “gentle”, but there’s also a time to prepare your hands for war — we wrestle not against flesh and blood. These false teachers are puppets, of the enemy. They may have started off right, as many good-intentioned folks do. But, when they depart from the way, don’t go down with the ship, trying to be nice. Jump off, and compel them to come with you, or drown.

    These ministers of “another Gospel” do great harm to The Body of Christ.

    WOW!! You said it WAY “betta” than I did! YOu summed it up like 2+2!
    I wish Dianatha and others would see that I am not spreading hatred in rebuking people like Bynum, but a kind of love in hipping the unaware to the wolves. Do you show love to chickens by letting foxes come in and eat them?

    But if you read the following comment, you will see that I made not a dent!

    Comment by anappygirl | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  24. yes i read your passage but yet did you read the whole passage or just a verse to satisfy your judgment. reading the whole verse give more clarafacation not just 2 peter;1-3. that is the problem with some children walking in god all of a sudden thay have no wrongs so why not tare someone else down when blessings come their way. yet if god was to bless with 1 million dollers we would be the first person at a car lot our buying a big home forget the homeless shelter our others in need, just like easter man those rich suits sure do emprise but only man for god truly dont care why not take that of what we spend a take care of the poor in need, by doing these things there is no time to worry about what someone else is doing. sin is sin nor big our small in gods eyes it is all the same. in the book of job he had been through very hard times at the end god blessed him to no ends was he wrong to grow of things he wonted our should he have said no god i will just continue to suffer for all will be in vain. matthew 7; 1-6 but verse 3 says clearly [why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother eyes and pay no attention to the plank in your eyes? how can you say to your brother, let me take the speck out of you eyes, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers eye.] point blank check yourself before you judge anyone else. see dont just read what you wont to see or listion to what you wont to hear or what others may say, its like the game you play as a kid you whisper something in a kids ear and by the time it get to the end of the room the story has changed, same as this issue you assume by media but yet none have wrote, called, our asked from the person mouth on truth no we just believe what the media says [what has been satin main source for distruction] and run with the flow as he want us to do. to get satifacation of taring someone in leadership that god is using is wrong, so what she bought a pin, when you go to the store do you buy plain wrap or bic? on the video was it her voice our someone else? was people reaching out to god our her, i seen reaching to the sky! so did you really study the video,call her our did everyone whisper and played the game with the media, did words get edit before it was aired on t.v or radio, see before you speak maybe try to keep peace work on what is hidden in your closet then everyones closet dont study another sister home, for we are not flies on the wall and i am not god by no means. the words you have spoken says you wont no one to hate her well if so why print negitivity so others can fall of hatred! did you think of that and their souls! after this my brother i will leave it to god, i just wonted you to know what you print can hurt her and others in there walk in god why have that price on your head see love is kind not distruction. like i said take it to your leadership that has been put over you from christ let him or her give proper guidence. i rejoice that so many are comming to christ and that satin is loosing the battle of members, and her blessings is her blessin yours is yours look at your life and remember he has done alot for you too, everyday your eyes open and a new day is starting so many do not get that blessing. for i close this in love and will not be on this site anymore like i said i am far from perfect but through god i am reacing for perfection. commet all as you like i will just keep praying and rejoicing for heaven is getting more full by the day by the hour, lord keep using all of your leaderships and keep using me until my last breath. so many laughed at jesus and his disciples, at the end where did thay all stand with god, why would anyone take a chance of gossip and slander for [no one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the father. matthew 24; 36-51] please all be careful as well as i will, walk in grace and fear gods words only matthew 10; 24-42 love, dianatha henderson

    Dianatha. I know you are gone and won’t read this. But…

    I must say, you are an expert at “Judging Without Judging!” You summed me all the way up! In a sly way. How is it okay for you to do this, but not okay for me to point out poor teaching and charlatanry?

    I’m through as well, but I DO want to tell you that the video in question is NOT a media trick, but is on her OWN show, and is (or was) on her OWN website!
    You wrote a LOT of words. A LOT of them. And most of them have not a THING to do with the subject at hand. I’ll PRAY that the Lord will remove the scales from your eyes and show you what is real and who is lying. And that He will show you how to read the Bible properly and not just spout hundreds of passages out of context to possibly make yourself look holier than anyone who disagrees with any of your favorite preachers. (I don’t mean that in a rude way)

    Comment by dianatha | February 11, 2008 | Reply

  25. @Maxdaddy,

    It’s all been said. It’s not about addressing the issue at hand. It’s about not saying anything, because “nobody’s perfect”. That’s a childish response.

    Grownups know that when you’re in the public eye, you will be scrutinized. If your theology/lifestyle is sloppy, some folks will talk about you — ESPECIALLY when you have an “in your face” style of preaching that is off base, doctrinally flawed, and all about how great “you” are — and you’re asking for $200,000 to build a “threshing floor” in your home/ministry headquarters/wherever.


    Comment by anappygirl | February 12, 2008 | Reply

  26. Max,

    I see that you’re taking the regular flak for showing up a charlatan like Juanita for who she is. As usual, a lot of verses have been thrown at you out of context. It’s a tough job, brother. But stick in there.

    Juanita and her type are nothing but self-promoters. You ought to take a trip to Nigeria here and see what stuff our own pimps throw up. Its all hogwash.

    Keep speaking out, and hopefully the Lord will get one or two or three people out of this grand deception.

    Thanx, Yomi, for the encouragement, and for stopping by! I agree with your agreement.
    Yeah, I often wonder how the prosperity message goes over in Africa…

    Comment by Yomi Adegboye | February 20, 2008 | Reply

  27. I wish that all the people speaking against Juanita would stop. First of all we know as Christians we have to go through. Jesus said in the bible that we have to take up our cross and follow Him. What do all of you people going against Gods messengers through Christ think that means. Well let me tell you. It means just like the ones that walked with Jesus, which were so called saints went against Him. We that are true beleivers will go through too. Because of people like you who will place judgement. Well I got knews for you according to the bible, you shall be judged by the measure of your judgment. So basically your only judging yourself. So let us learn to stop judging one another an pray in the stead. Amen? Amen.

    Comment by Doris Heath | April 14, 2008 | Reply

  28. I wish Juanita would stop! And START preaching the truth.

    Comment by maxdaddy | April 14, 2008 | Reply

  29. HATERS! LOL!

    Comment by Rev. Knight | July 5, 2008 | Reply

  30. last time i read my bible it spoke of how Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple, my bible also speaks of Jesus speaking against the pharisees. those that would rather walk into something just to appear holy. juanita bynum has to tell you she’s holy and it’s amazing how many people see her outside of the word of God but yet consider her a messenger of God. yes we need to pray for her but we also need to bring it out in the open. no one condemned her, she does that herself and unless she gets right with God she will suffer an eternity of condemnation along with anyone else who doesn’t accept Christ
    why do people feel televangelist are above reproach?
    and what really annoys me is people taking the “touch not mine annointed” out of context.
    Jesus was without sin, he was beaten, lied on, etc but God didn’t strike the people who did it down. so what makes others think they’re so holy, that instant punishment comes on someone who doesn’t believe what you’re saying. that’s an occult mentality.
    thanks for speaking out against heresy and self righteousness. juanita bynum is a modern day pharisee

    Comment by elizabeth | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  31. AMEN, Elizabeth!

    Comment by maxdaddy | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  32. Greetings to as many that read a young woman,a Naigerian and a born again christain.pls brethren[general]lets be careful for nothing.i live christians[those who worship the lord in truth and spirit].Prophetess Juanita is called indeed by Baba God.God’s given us all grace in diiferent mama Prophetess has her weakness the way every other christian does.i have mine also so why not keep fearing God and get the wisdom for the season.heaven is real and hell is.are u speaking againts others or prophetess alone.Jesus has paid the price for her,why dont u let her creator judge her and get busy doing good.hope u dont have a personal beef for her.I dont know her closely,but im love God and God has helped me to this length inspite of my short comings,GOD has used her to teach me lessons of life,in dreams[revelations]and they come far from her but i feel God strongly in her,pray for mercy and grace if u ever loved her.let him tha thinks he standeth take heed less he falls.u are simply trying to discourage people.u need Gods divine wisdom honestly.u are so talented ,why not channel it to the right direction[advice]u sound so convincing,a christain with a weak background could easily fall 4 u even some strong ones.please my beloved brother let God use u,and grant u your heart desire,and allow him judge his servent.if iniquity is been counted who shall stand?PRPHETESS has been raised for this end time generation.pls channel this time ,strength and gift to where u will affect souls positively.prophetess i love u.let all that read this always pray for grace,goodness and mercy,and for Gods word to guide us through this race.ANYWAY MAMA IS SO LOADED SO SHE SHOULD EXPECT THIS AND EVEN MORE.Dont b an instrument to pull down.nay in all we are more than conqueror.satan will ever regret why he used those ones to kill the body of Jesus.Mama pls fear not man that is able to kill mjust the body but God who is able to kill both body and brother i wish u all the best,but im sure prophetess n care so little or nothing about this scandal and your busy body.go and take care of your family and look for how to make your money also.i appreciate u anyway for giving the world an opportunity to know Juanita Bynum and me the opportunity to talk about her.God bless u.fulfill ur destiny jare.

    Comment by Tari Ovuru | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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