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Reverend Corleone, Bishop Soprano, and Prophet Gotti

All the noise about the senate investigation of Klepto Dollar, Eddie Long(money), and the rest of the Prosperity Perps got me thinking.

We hear them all say, when asked about their ostentatious possessions, “It ain’t mine! It belongs to tha chu’ch!”

You know who else says that when grilled by the authorities? The Mafia! Drug dealers! Fat-cat corporate big wigs! Folks who get pulled over with weed in their pockets! (“Thass my cuzzin’ weed, Mr. Ossifer*! I swear! Theeze ain’t even my pants!”)

Is this just a co-incidence? Is it happenstance that the known crooks funnel their money through a maze of dummy corporations and “legitimate businesses” in the same way that these Prosperity Punks funnel all their stuff through the church?

It’s funny, though… When I heard I.V. Hilliard, another one, bragging about buying a jet, when I heard Fred Price boasting about his multi-thousand-dollar exoticar, I didn’t hear them say it belonged to the chu’ch. It was theirs! When Klepto and Taffi did that big spread in Ebony magazine a couple years ago, I don’t recall seeing them say that stuff belonged to the church, either.

As a partner of mine used to say, “These cats slicker than owl… feces!” 

Pity, though. Paula White can’t say that her plastic surgery belongs to the church.

The Church, however, does need a facelift!



November 13, 2007 - Posted by | Christianity, Creflo Dollar, Current Events, Eddie Long, False Prophets, Frederick Price, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, Pulpit Pimps, TBN, Televangelists, Word of Faith


  1. Hahahahahhaha!

    Dude, you’re off the hook! These cats do act like mafiaso.

    Comment by Phil Naessens | November 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. So true! WELL SAID.

    Comment by Dee B. | November 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. The Senate Finance Committee is investigating the finances of six mega churches, but will this be enough to save lives? Looking into their finances should only be the beginning. By allowing these public roll models to get in front of a camera and silicate money for healing among many other guaranties is just simply wrong! Have there been any inquiries into how many deaths are related to this fraud? Freedom of religion, has become to some a death sentence. It has proven that Gloria’s Copeland’s Healing School being taught by Gloria herself , has students that fail costing them more than a suspension, it’s costing them their lives! Encouraging innocent people to take chances in life concerning their health should be illegal!!!!
    Is there anyone out there who cares about the victims of this abuse?
    Is there anyone who is willing to stand up for these victims?
    Yes, finances are important, but a life taken by this fraud, can not be replaced!!!! Finances can!!!!
    Have we all forgotten what’s important, Wake up! It is not only about the money!!!!
    For instance:
    Letter to,
    Kenneth and Gloria Copeland,

    Before knowledge of, KCM, BVOV, GLORIA’S HEALING SCHOOL, and EMIC, our lives were simple, and complete. Before BVOV, faith had no mathematical values, you was never told you had to little, or to much. Before BVOV, sickness was not blamed on lack of faith, nor finances. Before BVOV, rewording, or falsifying bible verses, well, before our knowledge of prosperity gospel (materialistic Christian belief: the doctrine taught in some Christian groups that God will grant wishes to the faithful, especially those wishes involving material wealth .Encarta ® World English Dictionary), this act was unheard of, tithes received during collection were used for the upkeep of our church, parsonage, cemetery, and exedra, the exedra was legit. Before BVOV, I had a mother, faith, finances, piece, and a belief in God I never questioned for there was no reason to. My personal thanks goes out to both you and Gloria, prosperity gospel truly is a life changing experience!
    The first time I tried to contact (BVOV) was back in 2004, a few months after the death of my mother (Bonnie Parker) who was a long time partner of your ministry, since 1995 to be exact. That’s a lot of faithful years is it not. And now what began as a simple request for answers over two years ago, is now national news. Though I made many efforts to contact you, none of which were successful. (Mail, Email, , Phone, and even visiting Eagle Mountain Church personally) We were in Dallas for the filming of a documentary (Suffer the Children was being funded, and produced by director Trever Glass. The film was to show, from the victims point of view, the tragic abuse, suffering , and fraudulent behaviors preformed by certain mega church ministers, mainly focusing on the prosperity gospel ministers. I was asked if I would like to visit EMIC, and take a tour of the massive facilities. Nervously I said yes. Was I finally going to be given the chance of speaking with either of you? With a copy of the original letter, and pictures of mom before, and after BVOV, tucked safely in our backpack we began the tour that would leave me with even more questions than answers. The tour guide was very nice, and very informative. She had not a clue that with every gloating word she spoke, I was fighting back the tears they were bringing. Were the trophies you have proudly displayed at EMIC, acquired on these trips? Did you pay to have them stuffed, or did the church catch that bill for you? There I was standing in the maculate office, (by the way, how much did that high dollar office furniture set you or the ministry back), of the very people I felt were most responsible for my mothers death. No you didn’t put a gun to her head, but your guidance did prove to seal her fate. I do highly recommend this tour to all your partners that contribute to this lifestyle you both so take advantage of. Nor you or Gloria were present the day we dropped by, but I left the letter, and photos with an employee of EMIC. John Copeland called me a few day’s after we toured EMIC, saying how sad I appeared in the video tapes that were recording our every move during our tour.. I was not sure what to say, a Copeland was on the other end, not the one I was hopping for but a Copeland. There was no way to explain to him the hurt I felt inside that not he but his parents created. The call was short, I basically said no comment, for their were no words to express the feelings I had at that moment! Perhaps the Copelands, Kenneth and Gloria, believed my accusations are unprecedented.. By giving me the chance of showing you in moms written proof I will be happy to reveal you the source of my accusations. Never less, no response lead me to believe neither of you have any remorse for their actions, and that you both must believe they had done no wrong. Personally, I could not live with myself after it was brought to my attention that the mere words coming from my mouth, could indeed cause someone to loose their life. Maybe, hopefully, someday sooner than latter, the dangers related to prosperity gospel will become clear to you both, until then God help us all.
    Your problem now is, no longer am I the only one publicly asking for answers, you now have the whole United States of America awaiting to see how this Senate investigation unfolds. In February of this year WFAA News in Dallas broadcasted the findings of an investigation (by Brett Shipp) regarding the misuse of the ministry’s jet. I’m sorry but it is really hard to comprehend you and your wife going on vacation in a jet my mother paid for with her life. Just incase you missed the news broadcast, that was one comment I voiced loud and clear. After that news broadcast aired, I began relying on http://WWW.WFAA.COM for any new developments, or some kind of comment from anyone at BVOV, EMIC, or either of you personally. The broadcast received the same response that I had come to know all to well over the years, no response, from either of you. Being in the public eye I’m sure has it’s advantages and also disadvantages. You are looked up to by millions of people. It never crossed your minds that a tragedy such as my mom’s was a possibility? You take on a huge responsibility when you get in front of a camera, step onto a stage, and in the recordings of your tapes and cd’s, to each and every one who are watching and listening. Your words can, will , and have, become fatal, the question now is not will it happen again, but when, if your words go unchanged someone’s else’s death is inevitable. As for my family the damage is irreversible. The probe into your finances is long overdue. As for the ones already passed on, the bankrupt, the homeless, and the devastated lives your ministry has destroyed over the years, but it’s better late than never!! I’ve been told by some that my mothers story, and my persistence for the truth, played a part in the investigations into your finances. If so my objective is done. Showing the public the possible consequences in becoming involved with the prosperity gospel was my main objective!!!! As well as taking the tour of your ministries assets, your partners need to read for themselves, (anyone sending money to your ministry) the requests from the Senate related to your finances. I believe they also will have a few questions for you. Oh and the comment you made when caught off guard by the media, WFAA news, (you may view this on there web site), and are questioned about the misuse of the ministry’s jet, your comment was ”None of Your Business”, do either of you have the courage to look me in the eyes and say that to me? The cost we paid for that jet can never be repaid. Expenses that accrued during and after moms illness, left us with no choice but to take out a loan on our house, which was paid in full at the beginning of 2004. This was all to much for us to handle, we have struggled to make the note the last few years, but we can’t last much longer. So we are basically still paying for that jet, and the joyrides both of you take on it. When mom gave her life for your ministry, and now possibly our home will be lost also, I believe that gave us a right to know where the money goes. We did request a accounting of all mom’s contributions, several times, which I have enclosed in this letter, but yet again no response was given. Are either of you, seeing the pattern here? God knows we all, even both of you, make mistakes in life. The difference between both of you and us is plane as day, we know wrong from right! The good hearted, and the sincere, try to make amends for their mistakes, and are most likely forgiven, on earth and in heaven. It’s never to late to start this process. I on the other hand, will never be able to forgive, nor forget. We never asked to become involved with either of you, or your false, and dangerous ministry! Unwillingly, and unfortunately our lives crossed paths with the death of my mother, I can’t change that, but I wish I could!
    Kristy Beach

    Granddaughter of Bonnie Parker
    Christian Beach
    12 years old

    Dear Kenneth and Gloria Copeland,
    If you don’t all ready know me I’m Christian Beach granddaughter of Bonnie Parker. The girl who had to watch her grandmother go threw so much pain for her trust in god through you. You didn’t help her by telling her not to go to the doctor. No you told her that the doctor was the work of the devil. Yes I remember some of the stuff from your shows and CD’s. My grandmother would put so much of her money in to checks and some as just cash, so much in fact that I can’t even recall exact amounts. How exactly much does your healing cost, because my grandmother paid with her money and her life? I watch your shows, listened to your CD’s at the same time watched my grandmother slowly and painfully be killed by your word not God’s word your word!!! You can do what you want and say what you want but you can never be forgiven by me or my family for what you did to us. Don’t want the money she sent you back. I just want you to feel the pain that I have felt day after day since she died. How does it make you feel to take a nine year olds grandmother from her? Now the next time you are taking money out of letters and not even reading the at all, think of what you have done to our family by not reading my grandmothers!!! So the next your are flying around in your $20000000 JET, That my grandmother paid with her life!!!

    Christian Beach
    That letter was written by my daughter, which was nine when mom passed away. I did not encourage her to do this, she insisted. Mom entrusted her with portions of her involvement regarding both of you. She is just beginning to talk more about the secrets mom kept hidden away from all but her apparently. I have not questioned her about her relationship with mom, I simply let her talk about her memories, when she feels ready. The relationship mom and sissy(nickname), shared was like mine and my mothers. Why mom reviled things to her only, I guess will remain a mystery. Why her and not me, was it the fact she was just a child? When she speaks of listening to your material over and over, it just adds to the
    many questions we have that you will not answer. Have these dangerous twisted words been implanted in her head also? The thought of this scares me to death. She as well as us suffered a terrible loss, but her more so. During the time mom was in the nursing home, most of our time was spent by her side. Even though she was just a few miles away from my home, we were not letting her be alone at all. I hired sitters to stay with her even when we were there, merely walking out of her room scared her. The staff at the home was kind, and tried filling her every need. Each one took her into there hearts, and visversa. We turned to family and friends to help keep our lives going outside the nursing home, which also turned out to be devastating. Christians step grandfather took advantage of what was already a bad situation, by putting his filthy hands on my child(sissy). He pleaded guilty, and is being punished for his actions! My point of telling you this is once again, letting you know just how much we have suffered. Had all our attention not been on mom, this surely could have been prevented!!!! Unbelievable that’s still not the end either. My brother Todd felt drugs would help him through all this hell, he was picked up for simple possession in September of 2004.To this day he still can’t talk about, or deal with the memories of her, bottles of whiskey took the place of drugs. Loosing him is now a huge possibility. Will it ever end?????

    Comment by Kristy Beach | November 27, 2007 | Reply

  4. This is sobering.

    The comment above is the reason why we who claim Christ should do more than just huddle silently and pray, as though God does not intend to use US to be His hands and feet! We are to be KINETIC Christians, not simply POTENTIAL ones!

    God bless you, Kristy, and your family. God is REAL, despite what these crooks portray.

    Comment by maxdaddy | November 27, 2007 | Reply

  5. It seems that you harbor a lot of hurt regarding your mother’s death, which is very understandable. My concern is that it is eating at you like a cancer it’s killing you slowing. The sad part is it seems to have spread to other members of your family as well as your grandchildren. I don’t know the whole story regarding your mother and the Copelands, but I do know that if you allow something to eat at you for so long it will eventually comsume you. I don’t mean to be insensitive but if you don’t forgive the Copelands you will find yourself in eternal torment. Please find it in your heart to forgive them, then teach your children and grandchildren how to forgive. Then you will find it easier to live beyond the hurt.

    Comment by Concerned | December 6, 2007 | Reply

  6. Ms. Beach: Not only must you forgive the Copelands but you and your family must ask God for forgiveness regarding the partaking of the heresies they teach. God warns us not to be deceive over and over and over again. Curses come onto a family in many ways…one of these is through heresies…as by the evidence of your brother and what happened to your daughter. I know well of what you speak of as I myself threw myself at the foot of the cross and repented for many heresies I partook in….one of many were the Copelands….most of all of them are on T.V. and most stem from freemasonry….being the preachers or in your own family….ask our Lord for guidance but forgive first so that you may hear Him….

    Comment by Denise R. Wilkes | December 9, 2007 | Reply

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