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Oprah Got Halle Berry Pregnant.

 Hear me out…

Guru Oprah says that we are EVOLVING into another species! And that on that basis, marriage is becoming irrelevant. She wonders, “Who can say if they will want the same person in 35 years?” (yet she chastises men who demonstrate her way of thinking by leaving their wives for other women.) This logic doesn’t hold weight when extended to the fullest.

I saw and heard Guru Oprah say this a few years ago when Halle Berry was a guest on her show after Berry’s divorce from singer, Eric Benet. They were on the couch together discussing the fallen state of traditional marriage. That conversation has stayed in my mind since then.

Everyone knows the public parts of  Oprah’s life ; dating, co-habitating with Stedman Graham for years, no children, no desire for marriage. She has gone a long way, I think, towards shaping public opinion on pregnancy and marriage. She specifically told Halle that she “didn’t need to be married to have a baby!” She OBVIOUSLY knows the tremendous influence she has on millions of  people with the success of her show and anything attached to it. She had to have known that her friend, Berry, would take her council to heart. To that extent, she is responsible, just as ANY false teacher is accountable for misleading the student.

Halle was obviously depressed and discouraged about another failed marriage, and I thought it was unfair for Oprah to guide her in the direction of  eschewing the validity of marriage done right and down the path of New Age pagan self-fulfillment. Granted, a person who has sincerely held beliefs can be expected to endorse and promote those views, but it is clear today that unwed pregnancy is NOT the way to go. Babies are not Barbie dolls. And when her relationship inevitably ends… another child will be raised without the everyday presence of a father!

So, with the background music of Guru Oprah playing somwhere in the recesses of her mind, along with the tacit assent of the broader society, Halle, in her forties, unmarried, got pregnant. I thought this was a heck of a coincidence.  And as is the norm today, there is no negative outrage. Only compliments on how glowingly beautiful she is in her expectant state. Fifty years ago, the actress, Ingrid Bergman, lost the major portion of her career for doing the same thing.

No, a person shouldn’t necessarily be shunned, but a measure of SHAME is in order when committing what has been, from day ONE, sin in the eyes of God, whom so many claim to serve. (The laws of Oprah’s god, the Universe may change, but GOD’S law is unbreakable!) I am ashamed before God for the things I do wrong. King David was ashamed (check the Psalms) for his adultery with Bathsheba, and for the murder of her husband, Uriah. Healthy shame has its place. It leads one to repentance and reform. 

Halle should be ashamed of herself for conforming to the culture in such a negative way, and Oprah should be ashamed of herself for advising Berry that marriage is a malleable, transient, ultimately unnecessary state of being. But I’ll bet they’re not!

And on those grounds, I assert that through her ill advice and rather hedonistic example, Guru Oprah got Halle Berry pregnant.


October 9, 2007 - Posted by | Christianity, Current Events, Halle Berry, Oprah, Oprah Winfrey, Relativism, Religion, Single Mothers


  1. You know what, though? Halle has always seemed…troubled, to me. There’s a reason why she had the hearing knocked out of one of her ears by an ex, and happened to marry (and divorce) TWO men, who were abusive emotionally and physically (Justice).

    David Justice supposedly said she was “very needy”, and often seemed to be more annoyed with her, than in awe of her (my observation only). Eric Benet, fine as he is, couldn’t let fine Halle be enough. He had to dip. Troubled men follow her. Beauty doesn’t equal success in love, for her.

    As a single person (never married) I believe marriage is what the two people make of it, along with God’s amazing grace. God designed marriage to be a blessing, and if the two individuals desire to glorify God in the relationship (rather than their own interests), it can be a great state to be in. I really believe that.

    But I also believe marriage is not for everybody — as a Christian I understand that it’s the only God-ordained outlet for sexual expression between a man and a woman. However, it’s a sin to marry, with no intention of staying together, until death separates you from your spouse. The question of “What happens if I don’t still feel warm and fuzzy, in 10 years? Can I cancel?” should not even be, cuz you’re already planning your escape route.

    Oprah is a mess….and folks LOVE her! She has tremendous influence and it’s scary, sometimes, when I think about it.

    Comment by anappygirl | October 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. I agree with every single word. Oh. Except the Eric Benet part! That is a woman’s arena to judge.
    And, yeah, Oprah is misguided and misguiding people, I believe, because of the fact that she was abused and mistreated in the past. I think this colors her opinions on everything from marriage to child-rearing to relationships to men in general.
    But at this point, she is smart enough and well-informed enough to know more of the truth than she does.

    Comment by maxdaddy | October 19, 2007 | Reply

  3. Halle Berry should try to be more accommodating to her boyfriend be a little less clingy men do not like that for her she is beautiful talented she has money and she could have any man she wants she should not lower her standards but the high standards she holds she may end up being alone and lonely halle go back to gabriel he is the father of nahla have more children with him its obvious he loves you very much and this time be low key about your relationship with him do not be open with the public on your private life in your career yes but your personal life a big nono

    Comment by Marian | June 30, 2011 | Reply

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