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Is Homer O.J.’s Daddy?

Maybe this is the real proof that he DIDN’T do it…

If O.J. was stupid enough to get caught up in this mess, storming into a room with ARMED guys, (one of whom was taping the whole thing!!!) how was he smart enough to do two murders and get away with it? He HAS to know that everyone is just waiting for him to stumble.

The Siiiiiimpsonnnnns. Cue the theme music.

 Just a thought…

September 18, 2007 - Posted by | Crime, Current Events, Humor, O.J., O.J. Simpson

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  1. True story: Al Sharpton is on a plane seated next to a white guy. The guy asked the Reverend “What’s up with your guys OJ and Michael Jackson?” Sharpton responds “Yeah what IS up with them? They were fine when we had them. They got in your world and went crazy.” ….???…???…???….???…He’s right!?!?!

    Comment by Rick T | September 26, 2007 | Reply

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